Thursday 16 June 2011

Caught by common cough and flu

Disturbed by the itchy throat and bad cough, I woke up at 3am yesterday morning. That kind of feeling was hard to bear, the one thing I could think of was to galloped 3 Bird's Nest Chong Chau Pi Pa Dan pills. Went back to sleep again.

I looked pale and exhausted when sending our girls to school yesterday morning. Clet commented that I looked terrible and should go see the doctor get a day off to rest at home.

Rather than waiting for the garlic supplement to take effect, which I know would be slow. I finally resorted to take the prescribed medication from the clinic before I transmitted the virus to my girls, I dare not want take the risks of getting my girls sick.
I was glad that the Permai Polyclinic is opened 24 hours, a doctor was there as early as 7.45am. It didn't take long for me to get the consultation done, we drove off from the city before the rush hours started to set in, otherwise we would be caught in the jam. My medical bill came up to RM55.00 which I can only claim 80% of it base on my workplace policy.

I have taken 3 days sick leave in these 2 weeks alone, what a sick monkey I am in the month of June.


  1. Agnes, a tip i learned from my maid. Make some asam jawa with warm water and drink it. It really soothes itchy throat immediately and stop cough.

    For the kids, she pressed 1/2 limau nipis and add some honey on a tablespoon. It works like miracle for the kids!

  2. Take care, hope you're feeling better now.

  3. Chinnee, Mery, Gillian, Hayley,

    Thanks all for the messages, I am feeling much better now!

  4. I could hardly bare cough and throat irritation. Most of the time, I would go and see doctor. I would pop in antibiotic to get rid of the sickness without much delay. By the way, good for you to take a few days sick leave to recover at home. My company has policy that sick leave is going to affect the year end bonus, so we can't take sick leave, instead we take annual leave. Sigh....


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