Friday 17 June 2011

A thank you note

Though we haven't organised any house warming party yet after moving in to our new home for more than a month now, we have already received a house warming gift from my SIL, Catherine whom did not manage to come to our family gathering organised by my brother at my house 2 weeks ago. My niece, Anneliese was down to chicken pox that time.

It is a very meaningful piece of gift for our home. Thank you so much!

I would also like to thank our family members who have helped us through in attaining a home of our own a reality, my special thanks go to my mum, my brother in law, Nicky and my sister in law, Rosalind.

Your assistance shall not be forgotten.


  1. I believe it all begins with you, cos you are a nice person, then only others will continue to be nice to you..... being nice can not pretend one,,, lama kelamaan people will know,,,,kan?

    and I am sure indeed you are a good person yourself

  2. Congrats on ur new home sweet home!


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