Friday 24 October 2008

The making of a Barbie Doll cake (partial)

This cake was made by SIL, a couple of months ago. She just happened to make a Barbie doll cake for fun when we were at her house. I have seen many beautifully decorated Barbie dolls cakes before but have no idea how they were made until I seen the making of this one.

The cake was baked in a cone shape container then slice and fill the layers with cream and jam. Cut off the unwanted edges for smooth application of cream later.
A Barbie doll is put in place on the top of the cake
The girls were thrilled in seeing the making process
Sorry, I can only show the making of the Barbie doll cake up to this stage as we have to rush back to get ourselves ready for our nephew's wedding dinner party. By the time, we came back for the cake after our dinner party, it has already been cut and partially eaten. I only managed to tapau some cake home for supper.
This is my niece, Aneliese, she was eating the unwanted part of the cakes while the mummy was busy decorating the Barbie doll cake.

Saturday 18 October 2008

Our Saturday

The daddy promised to bring the girls go jalan-jalan on the weekend. We brought along Kathleen, our girls' favourite cousin sister, with us to City Mall this afternoon. The first thing I did when we arrived there was to make myself a pair of spectacle which has long been overdued. I am having a very high "power", I mean shortsighted, LOL. The one that I am wearing has over 5 years of age now and one of the pieces has already broken beyond repaired. I have been to several optical shops to enquire whether I can change the frame only without changing the glasses since the powers are still alright for me; of course at the same time I want to save on paying for the glasses again but hard luck, non of them can do that for me. Having a new pair of spectacles is so expensive that I have to put that on hold for a while. Since I can not live without a pair of glasses especially after an 8 hours of wearing the contact lens during day time, I make do with my broken pair of spectacle by putting the pieces together with some cellotape, I know I look weird with that but what to do, since I am only using it at home most of the time. Finally I got the chance to order a pair of new spectacles fully paid by Clet. Thank you. It would be ready for testing on this coming Wednesday. It costs RM248.00. I thought it would cost me RM500.00++. The glasses is RM80.00 (original price RM120.00) & the frame is RM168.00 (original price was RM225.00).

The old pair of broken spectacle

Since Clet has to attend a friend's mum 85th years old birthday dinner party tonite, we have had an early dinner at City Mall save me from cooking at home just for three of us. Pearl did not eat much of her ngau chap mee hoon soup which I shared with her, she asked for biscuits at around 10pm even after a bottle of milk. As she has been asking for Macaroni cheese after watching Barney show just now, I suggested to her that I will make her some macaroni but without the cheese which is very acceptable for her.

Plain macaroni cooked with a little bit of salt and added with some plain water to reduce the heat just after cooking; she can not wait to eat them.
Enjoying her plain macaroni. only a few piece left at the end. She must be really hungry.

She spotted some biscuit at the cupboard and wanted some after eating her macaroni. It was her initial request actually. She was fast asleep not long after her supper.

By the time Clet got back, the 2 girls have already asleep. He brought back two little boxes of birthday cakes for them, and a door gift (a fridge magnet) from the party.

Friday 10 October 2008

Loose tooth

Can you guess what is this?
It's Crystal loose tooth. Her "baby incisors" have to give way to her "parmanent incisors" which have started coming out slowly 2 months ago. Luckily she only complaint once or twice about her gum sore, I thought it was due to heatiness and I gave her some cooling chinese tea for soothing regularly. She did not even aware of herself having new teeth or else she would have told us about it. I was the one who noticed them and very excited about it. I can still remember vividly when she had her first two "baby incisors" about 6 months old. They came unnoticed as well.
There is still one more incisor needed to be pulled out soon. It is still pretty much attached to the gum. It's the daddy's task again. The one above was pulled out by the daddy with a thread; bleeding a little and she handled herself well. She is very excited about her new grown teeth too and do not mind showing them if you ask her to.

Wednesday 8 October 2008

Feeling Tired

Due to late to bed last night, I find my exhausted after a day work today. Can't seem to find the energy to smile a little. Feeling slightly better after dinner, since I don't feel like doing anything else, I settle myself in front of the computer to relax my mind by checking on my emails, facebook, and of course finally lead myself to blog for a while. Crystal and Pearl are sitting in front of the TV with their sleepy eyes, they too went to bed late last night all because we went checking on my parents and did some groceries shopping last night. Got to catch up with our sleep tonite!

Sunday 5 October 2008

Pearl is doing Fine

Pearl is feeling much better after a long afternoon sleep. She woke up with cheerful mood and greeting the daddy at the kitchen after coming out from the bedroom. Her fever has gone and coughs accasionally. GOD must have listened to our prayers, thank GOD for taking care of our little Pearl.

Pearl was having bread with cheese and Crystal was enjoying a spoonful of cheese with their eyes on the TV, where Barney was on. Snacking before dinner.
As playful and adventurous as her usual self, she discovered a bottle of glue in the cabinet and insisted me to open the cap up for her. She gave me a nice smile after getting what she wanted.
They were having late dinner at around 9pm.. Pearl had rice with sauces and Crystal wanted Bread and cheese with strawberry milk drink. Pearl wanted some strawberry milk drink too after that.

Not Well Again

My Baby Pearl is not feeling well again. She has not been well recently. She always down to flu, cough, fever, recovered a little and come back again. She is having a very bad cough these few days, last night was the worst; she vomitted after having her milk due to consistent bad coughs. She felt very uncomfortable at 5am this morning and we noticed that she is down to fever. We have been trying to feed her supplements to boost up her immune systems but she refuses them all the time, however, she is very willing to take the spirulina tablets and even asks for more, I always have to control her consumptions to only 2-3 tablets a day.
She complaint of tummy ache and vomitted again luckily we have Crystal's previous medicine for emergency use. At the moment, only Barney can keep her entertained and she sings along too when she feels a little ok.

Saturday 4 October 2008

Raya Visiting

One the first day of Hari Raya, we went to visit our friend, Juriah. Crystal was very excited to see a nice garden and a fish pond in the compound, couldn't wait to be let loose with other kids.

while Pearl was having her mee kosong as starter and followed by many pieces of cakes after that.
After having some mee, Crystal was back to play the swing with Pearl joining her this time. They appreciate having the outdoor compound to run around where we are unable to provide at home.

Cactus (仙人掌) can be found around the house
This pot of cactus looks pretty healthy
The cactus is hang at the patio. The shape is like octopus, pretty scary.

Some of the plants.