Wednesday 26 March 2014

Sunset beach party at Tg.Aru

Though my office is nearby Tanjung Aru Beach, it never comes to my mind to go to the beach to view the sunset.  

My sister in laws initiated a school holiday beach picnic supposedly during the weekend but to coincide with our nephew back for a visit from Singapore, the party is held at 3pm.  Most of my SIL are home makers, they made an afford to bring in cooking stove, gas cylinder, BBQ stove to cook kuih iudang, satays, fried ikan basung and chicken drumsticks by the beach besides bringing many of the ready homemade food.  I was on my 2nd day of detoxification,  so only grabbed few bananas as my meal.

The sunset is beautiful

Sister on law cooking their favourite kuih udang
One of the set back is there is no lamp poles at the beach. Hence we have to take our meal with only candles which was later bought from the nearby town.  Basically dinner in the dark.
Kids playing with the sand just before sunset

Sunday 23 March 2014

我家母鸡生蛋了。 My hen laid eggs.

Clet told us that seems like our hen laid egg yesterday.  But he was unsure how many.  To allow the hen having more comfortable nest to hetch the eggs, Clet brought some dried grass home just now.  Upon checking on the nest there are a total of 9 eggs.  Our hen is very protective of her eggs just like a mother protecting her children.  She is very furious when our dog, Lucky,  barking at her when Clet put the dried grass into its nest.  We have to put Lucky to the front porch to calm her down.

Anyone knows how long does it take for a hen to hetch the eggs in order for the chicks to come out?

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Secret Recipe's Shepherd Pie

This Shepherd Pie may look different from the traditional one on its appearance.  We truly enjoyed it at Secret Recipe.  Will definitely come for more.  My girls love it at an instant when they tasted the mashed potatoes.