Saturday 24 August 2013

Dragon Mooncake

It seems we just celebrated Moon Cake Festival not long ago, here comes Moon Cake Festival again. Time really flies for busy people like me. Sometimes I feel a little scary thinking of so much yet to be done with no time to really enjoy life.
Let's come back to the Moon Cake. This is the dragon image double yolks moon cake that my girls asked their Daddy to buy that day. I like the dragon image, while the moon cake is always too sweet for my liking.  We buy, eat moon cakes and celebrate Moon Cake Festival every year to ensure that our girls do not forget they have partial Chinese "root" from me. ^.^

Wednesday 21 August 2013

To satisfy my crave

To satisfy my craving for Mee Laksa during my detox period last week, I had promised myself to have it during my lunch time in the office right after the detox is over, which is not advisable actually, because I am loading in not so healthy food, :D

We have a simply cooking facility in the office which allows us to prepare light meal or heat up our food for lunch.  So my lunch for yesterday was Mee Laksa with lots of green vegetable to compensate the not so healthy side of it.

 Now my crave has been satisfied.

Monday 19 August 2013

Breakfast at Old Town White Coffee

On a Saturday before I started my Detox programme, we had breakfast a the Old Town White Coffee for the first time with our girls.  The menus are pretty children friendly, the choices are suitable for children.

 Pearl's choice of noodle soup, she chose this because of the ham but she got disappointed with it, it taste more like luncheon meat than ham.  
 Clet's nasi lemak, normal portion with sides

I am happy to find this Penang laksa.  I can finish 2 bowls of this.  They served this with canned pineapple, I would prefer the fresh ones, canned pineapple is too sweet.

 Normal serving American breakfast for Crystal

Dinning at Old Town White Coffee is not complete without a cup of it's famous coffee..I shared this with Clet..very tasty and thick coffee.

Tuesday 13 August 2013

Annual Detox

Today is the start of my 7 days detox programme.  I chose to do it right after Raya is because I would like to enjoy some good Raya food first and another reason is the school holiday.  Only during school holidays that I have got the time to do the coffee enema in the morning, the programme requires us to do 2 times coffee enemas in a day, one in the morning and one in the evening to achieve best result.

Juicing plays an important part in the detox programme.  Here's the first day of juicing in the office.  Simply refreshing and revitalising.

Thursday 8 August 2013

Trip to Universal Studio Singapore and Legoland Johor

This is a backdated post.  Our trip to Universal Studio Singapore and Legoland Johor was in May 2013.  One of the reasons for delay in posting is because there are too many photos that I wouldn't know which one to post them here.  My girl has been reminding me that I am slacking in updating my blog lately.  She is right.  So I make a point to do some updating.

Our initial plan was to go to the much talked about Legoland in Johor Bahru, never did in our plan to go to Singapore until our nephew, Bryan and family, suggested that Singapore is just across the Strait, why not go to Singapore as well?  As they reside in KL, they had been to Legoland during the last school holiday.  

Singapore is the 2nd overseas trip for our girls. At first they were a bit reluctant to go Universal Studio because their focus is to go to Legoland.  It turned out the our girls enjoyed Universal Studio more than Legoland.  I would sum up that Legoland is more suitable for smaller children. It is much too hot to walk around under the bright sun light, there is just too little shades to hide away from the sun.  Be ready to bring along your hat, umbrella, sun cream and rain coat (in case of rainy day) and wear comfortable shoes if you plan to visit Legoland Malaysia.  

 view of Singapore
 our group photo at Marina Bay Singapore
 Bought some souvenirs before leaving Universal Studio Singapore, it is a nice place to visit
at the entrance of Legoland's ticketing counter. 

Monday 5 August 2013

My first Sewing Project

To follow up with my previous post on my new sewing machine, my very first project is to turn my girls' yellow taekwondo belts into yellow green belts by adding green casing into their existing yellow belts.

They had their taekwondo upgrading test in May this year and due for another upgrading test in school in September this year.  For curriculum activities, my girls join the taekwondo class in school, it is also a good way for them to do a bit of exercise.   They need to put on their current grade belts during their classes and most importantly on the day on upgrading test.  To buy yellow green belts for only a few month is simply waste of money so I decided to cover the belts up with green casing.  
 Original yellow belt with green clothes
 the sewing begins
 the casings/pockets to cover up both ends of the belt
 the belt is too thick for my sewing machine, I wouldn't want to spoil my new machine so I need to use needle to sew the closing of the casing / pocket up
two yellow green belts.  My first project is done.

Thursday 1 August 2013

Singer Sewing Machine

My mind was thinking of getting a sewing machine a few weeks ago for the convenience of "repairing" the minor wear and tear clothing, and also for sewing up loose threads on the new clothing. 

Without mentioning to each other, Clet also has in mind to get me a sewing machine so that I can help him to  do alterations and repair on his jeans and clothing.  

At first we thought of getting a basic one without knowing the technology has advanced to providing many sewing functions which impress us very much.   After seeing the demonstrations on a couple of machines at the Singer outlet,  we decided on 988 model.  This has become my early birthday and Christmas present for this year.  A present is never come too early and I am very happy with it.  But this is not a heavy duty machine, materials as thick and as hard as jeans are not advisable to be sewed with this machine.  Clet is a bit disappointed on that.  
it comes with a cover
this model has got a digital screen and 156 patterns

these are some of the patterns that this sewing machine can produce including the button holes

these are the accessories which I will have to figure out how to use some of them

the pedal and a casing for the accessories.  

I have attended basic sewing classes years back, now I will have to rely heavily on the internet to guide me should I want to make a skirt and a dress.  Will tell you my first sewing project on my next post.