Wednesday 27 February 2013

Sorting out toys

Once in a while I have to get my girls to help me in the shop.  Last weekend I get them to sort out the magnetic animal toys that came in mixed assortments. My girls helped me to sort them based on individual types of animal, all monkeys in one bag and all rabbits in another and the rest too.  It would be easier for me to find them when the customers were to ask for a particular type of animal. 

They like toys anyway, so they do not mind helping me out and can't wait to get it done so that they can resume to play games.

Sunday 24 February 2013

Chap Goh Mei 2013

Happy Chap Goh Mei everyone!
This day of the year is very meaning to me and my family.  It is not just the day for the whole Chinese community to celebrate the 15th day of 1st month of the lunar year (the last day of Chinese New Year), it is also the Chinese Valentine's day, and more meaningful to us is that 10 years ago on this day, Crystal was born and I officially became a mum. ;) Happy birthday my dear Crystal ! *.* 
Like usual we spend time our weekends at the shop .  The unicorn troop visited the shopping plaza.  Our girls were very excited. We welcome the unicorn into our shop and hope it will bring along many good lucks, health, wealth and protections to us all. 

Wednesday 13 February 2013

At Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe is not a dining place we normally go, it just happened that we dropped by City Mall shopping complex to have a look at the crowd during the Chinese New Year season on last Saturday. 

Most of us agreed that the cakes at Secret Recipe are somewhat delicious because of its secret recipe ^.^  We had tried their durian cheese cake, it is very yummy.

We tried this RM16.9++ set meal.

Having young kids, we always tried to order kids friendly food, that's *non spicy food*.  But the spaghetti came out to be spicy, we even double confirmed with the waiter that it is not hot before we ordered. We can clearly see the dried chili on the spaghetti.

Slice of carrot brownies with the set meal

The chocolate mud cake was Crystal's choice.  The sweetness is just right.  We recommended the children's mini burgers set for Pearl, the presentation is cute for kids, mini burgers with alphabet fries. We shared the set as Pearl couldn't finish it. 

Pearl ordered this kid burger set.  The presentation is not bad. 

Friday 1 February 2013

Eating out

Finding a place to have meals is equally tough as what to cook at home.  Probably because the preference of food for 4 of us in this family are different.  I always prefer to have soup and vegetable while my kids prefer noodles, clet can't eat without meaty dishes.  

Yesterday, we tried out a seafood restaurant not far from our home.  These are the dishes we ordered:
Sweet & sour pork.  This dish is not to our taste.  Sweet & sour taste is not there.

Real plain omelette, that's our girls' choice, any added ingredient will be rejected.

I have been refraining from eating fish ever since I heard of red tide in Sabah.  But Clet knows fish is my favourite dish, he told me that fish in the pond are safe to consume thus he ordered this to satisfy my craving for fish.