Wednesday 31 October 2012

Korean Kimchi Flavor Ramen

One of the Korean dishes that I like is Kimchi.  When I saw this Korean Kimchi Flavor Ramen at the Supermarket, I wanted to try it to satisfy my crave.  Kimchi, yes, it should be hot and spicy!!

 To make the instant noodles to be a nutritious one, I always add on some tomatoes, green leafy vegetable or eggs.  

Kimchi suppose to be hot, spicy and soury, but to my surprise, this Korean Kimchi Ramen is too mild for my liking.    Not that I can take very hot stuff, it is just too mild as compare to Maggi Laksa or Curry flavour instant noodles that I usually have.

Monday 29 October 2012

Sabah International Food & Hospitality Exhibition 2012

Sabah International Food & Hospitality Exhibition 2012 was held on 19-21st October 2012.  We were there on Sunday, 21st October, there were not many participants in the exhibition and was not crowded probably because it's the last day of exhibition.

In an exhibition like this, adults and children alike are able to learn and see many new things.  Here are some of the products caught my interest and my girls' attention. I took a lot of photos, here they are:

our 2 girls are very into drawing and colouring, they spent a lot of time watching how the artist do the sketching of the portraits he took by using his hand phone and sketched them on the paper.  It is sold at RM10.00 each for a black & white portrait.  
this is the first time I saw the Crocodile Oil.  It has many uses, is a multi-purpose skin healer.  Is a local product, wonder how it smells like, I did not buy it because am not ready to put animal oil on my skin..haaa..

But I do not mind trying this Coconut Soap.  I have read about the miracle of virgin coconut oil on either consumption and application on skin.  I bought a bar of this soap for face and body wash after I have finished the rice soap bar I am currently using.  

Beautifully decorated cakes, and sugarcraft fondant cakes by baking school

sugar craft demonstration, a sugar craft flower is made by the same school, very sticky to touch, edible but not advisable for consumption.
Frozen meal is seems to be the trend now.  Malaysia is catching up with the western countries' concept of  selling fast and easy frozen meals.  The content of the meals is to our local delicacies, like nasi lemak, chicken curry type of food.  
A pack of the frozen meal is pretty expensive, if I did not hear wrongly, it costs up to RM8.00 per pack.
It around noon time, just the right time to taste some of their dim sum.  
A new product from Thailand which came after the strong wave of Angry Birds has gone, that's the Angry Birds fish cake.  The kids would love to have them for snacks, they are actually excited about it.  We bought 1 packet of each the Red and the Yellow Angry Birds.  The Yellow Angry Birds are with cheese flavour (I don't find any cheesy taste in it)..Nice to serve for children's parties.  

Fruits crafts by a master chef
There was a cake decorations competition at the side hall. Nicely decorated cakes and cupcakes are on display.  

Barbie dolls cakes

The following fondant or sugar craft cakes were decorated by the contestants of the competition, the theme is some thing about Environmental and go Green.  I managed to snap some of the finished products displayed in the hall before we were asked to leave the room, we have to make way for the judges to do their job. We did not wait for the results as it took another 1.5 hours for the winner to be announced. 

Before leaving Sabah Trade Centre, we took a photo at the entrance with my dream car, a BMW X6.  This is a car that always make my head turn whenever I see one on the road.  

Saturday 27 October 2012

Experiencing Archery

That was last weekend we stumbled upon this archery shooting outlet at 1Borneo.  It's the first time our girls experiencing the bow shooting game of Archery.  

We paid RM12.00 for 24 arrows/bows for 2 players meant for my 2 girls.  I myself had participated an Archery competition organised by my previous employer more than 10 years ago where I got a 3rd placing among my peers.  I can tell you that I am a born Archer as I am a Sagittarian woman, ^.^  I should have pursued as an archer who knows I can bring honour to the country..{dreaming}.

Back to the archery game:

guide on how to hold the bow set and aim by daddy
a guide on the posture by the staff

aiming to shoot 
Pearl rejected to the game at first but willing to have a try after seeing her jie jie having fun towards the end. Only 2 bows left for her by then.  She is still too small and not strong enough to handle the bow set.  At least they have got some idea of what Archery is about through this game.

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town Malaysia confirmed opening date

Yet another theme park in Johor Bahru. As a fan of Hello Kitty, I received an email from Hello Kitty Malaysia informing us of its date of opening, 

This is Hello Kitty Malaysia with a great news today! We've received the news from Management team that Sanrio Hello Kitty Town Malaysia is confirmed to open on 10th of November! :)  And we'll have online ticketing system very soon, so you're able to purchase the tickets from us!  Stay tune and wish to see you in Hello Kitty Town in November! :)

Lovely Regards,
Hello Kitty Malaysia"

Not knowing much about this new town opening soon in Johor Bahru, I hopped over to Hello Kitty Malaysia related website to check more about the new hit in the country.  Looks like the entrance ticket is much cheaper than Legoland Malaysia.

We have been talking about visiting Legoland Malaysia probably next year, now it is even more worthwhile to fly to Johor Bahru to visit both theme parks in a single trip.  I hope Air Asia and other airlines will not increase their air fares to Johor because of these theme parks.  

Saturday 20 October 2012

My 600th Post - The reasons for me to continue blogging

I can't believe I have written 600 posts (including this post) on this humble blog of mine.

I started blogging about 5 years ago, on 18 December 2007 to be exact, here is my first blog post.  My first intention to blog was try to earn some extra income as I was told it can be done.   It was the time when I  have resigned from my job to try my luck on starting my own business.  Few months down the line, I did not earn much of an extra $ from blogging though I have put effort into building my blog.  At the same time my business did not do well and I decided to end it for good.  Not long later I decided to go back to work as an employee.

Business ended but I remain a consistent blogger till today.  And now, the main motivation for me to carry on blogging is for my 2 little daughters.  This blog is just like what it's mentioned on my blog's description, "meant to share my thoughts, findings, special interests and precious moments...." (of my life).  My girls are growing up each day. My eldest daughter, is an obedient reader of her mummy's blog.  She will check on my blog whenever she feels like and encourages me to update my blog if she notices I have been "lazy" blogging and would sometimes gives me ideas what to blog.  She loves to read my old posts recap her memories.  I am sure Pearl will follow suit when she can read more words.  

Gaining friendships through the blogsphere is another reason keep me blogging.  Though I have never met any of my blogger friends personally (due to the distance, for the fact that I am in East Malaysia, most of you are in West Malaysia, Singapore, US, UK and other parts of the world) I treasure your friendships very much.  I always make a point to visit some of your blogs whenever I can, most of the times a silent visit without leaving a comment.

Here, I would like to thank Claire for giving me this gift that she brought back from her holiday to the US.    I am one of the winner of her Giveaway.  She posted it to me through post and recheck with me whether I have received it a few days later.  I was excited to receive it! 

Friday 19 October 2012

Special Rewards from Blackmores Malaysia

Blackmores Malaysia

In conjunction with its 80th birthday, Blackmores Malaysia is giving out Special 'reward' to their facebook fans. Just email them your name, address, contact no. and IC no. to They will send you a voucher chock-full of goodies in 4-6 weeks after a confirmation email from them.   Expiry date of vouchers: Oct 2013. Hop over to their facebook page now to enjoy this special reward :D

Thursday 18 October 2012

Gray Hair Instant Remedy

You are the lucky one if you only found a few gray hairs among the bunch of hairs on your head.

Many says the appearance of gray hairs is a sign of prematured aging if it is not inherited. I guess mine is caused by both.  My grandma was like an Orang Putih, she had a full grown gray hair, needless to say my mum too having the same problem.  Plus the way the life we have now is full of stress no matter how well we manage it. Quite obvious that having gray hairs is inevitable.

It's an eyesore looking at these gray hair after a month without treatment 
I was using the organic herbal hair dye for the last few treatments but I find it a bit troublesome.  The powder has to be dissolved more than 3 hours before applying and the mixture dries up pretty fast, but the good thing is it's free from chemical and it seems that I have to apply every 2 weeks to maintain its colour.  Tiring la!!

I decided to use a different product this time.  I applied the mixtures on my hair for an hour or so, after washing it off, this is how my hair look like...Ta..Ta..

gray hair no longer visible
my hair look more shiny, not as dull as before

You may want to know which product I am's BIGEN Hair Color Conditioner, I used the soft black shade.  My hair look more natural with this colour.  This set is actually for my better half, but he asked me to use it after hearing me grumbling about my gray hair.."<>"
It is very simple to apply.  Just squeeze the two solutions on the comb provided and apply it on the gray area, leave it on for an amount of time as described and wash off.  Can be done at the comfort of our home.  This set is good for 2-3 treatments.  

**This is not a paid post nor I received any free product from the company.  This review is meant to share my experience with the readers of my blog after I have used this product.  Your sincere comments and sharing of your experiences on other products are welcome. **