Thursday 31 July 2008

Yes! Is Pay Day has been a month since I started working and I got my pay cheque today, is the biggest pay cheque I have ever received so far in my entire working life as far as I can remember. It have been a month of hard work, sacrificing time with my little girls, sleep and many other thing as a stay at home mum for an exchange of a pay cheque, this is exactly what all working mums are doing to earn for a living or for a better life.
My hard earn money will be gone in a matter of days, paying loans, school fees, credit cards, etc, there will not have much left till the end of another month. That's life I guess.
You might have noticed that this blog of mine are not being updated as frequent as before. I am struggling to find time to update it as much as I can during lunch hours and weekends. There are many happenings which I would like to share here and there are all in the pipeline. I am finding time to post them here soon. Please bare with me.

Tuesday 29 July 2008

Kreativ Blogger

Thank you carolyn for the award :)

It has been done according to the following rules:

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Now it's my turn to pass over to:-

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Friday 25 July 2008

New Blogger

I am very delighted to have my childhood best friend, Susan, to join in the blogsphere recently, a big welcome my dear friend, she named her blog as Find Us In New York. Yes they are now residing in the US which I hope we get to visit her and her hubby, Richard, in the near future.
I only got to know this when I opened my email today, she has sent me an email on 12 July 2008 searching high & low for me as she couldn't get through my blog eversince I changed my blog address. I did not know she have been my blog frequent viewer and after reading mine she was inspired to start one of her own too, I am so touched with that I can't help but to blog about this :)
By visiting her blog, I feel as if we are very much closer to each other again though she is at the other side of the earth.

Tuesday 22 July 2008

July Birthday Stars

After Clet's birthday on 13th July, here we are celebrating the birthdays of SILs, Kim & Precilla, at the Wong Kwok Restaurant yesterday night, their birthdays are only one day apart from each other; Kim's birthday is on 21st July while Precilla's is on 22nd July. We have the great pleasure to be invited to join in the celebrations, a big thank you to our dear nephew, Jeremiah and SIL, Rosalind for the fabulous dinner, and of course her home baked black forest and carrot cheese cake. Jeremiah was back here for a short stay and flew back to Australia on Tuesday morning, we only got to see him once or twice a year.

The birthday stars, SILs Precilla and Kim. Crystal is singing the birthday song

Like usual, the kids were running around in the restaurant after dinner, luckily there was only us occupying the whole ground floor of the restaurant. The food were so delicious that made us so hungry to even forgot about taking some photos of the dishes.

When Crystal saw the photos today she said, hmmm, mummy I love the cake, it's delicious. She finished two slices of the black forest fresh cream cake yesterday night. Pearl only picked the cheese layer of the carrot cheese cake, she is a cheesy girl.

Monday 21 July 2008

What? Accident?

Clet called me just now telling me that he met an accident. What? an accident? glad to hear that the girls are fine. Crystal had a shock and have to be comforted. I have yet to see the demage of the car; Clet told me that one of the front light is broken and the front part of the car went in. :(.. my car was banged again. Don't know what is the damage ($$$) like this time??? Don't know what else to say..

Sunday 20 July 2008

Bazaar at the church

The traffic was heavier than usual at the church this morning as there was a bazaar there for fund raising purposes. Besides selling food stuff every sunday where we usually have our breakfast, they also put up tables selling used cds, vcds, used clothings and shoes, kitchen wares, furniture, decoration items and so on. After having our breakfast, we walked around to see what being sold from stall to stall.

This stainless steel burner stand was donated by us some time in early 2007 after we decided to cease our cafe business. We are glad that it is being utilised by the women's league of the church for fund raising purposes most of the time.

Banana fritters (pisang goreng), Clet's favourite.

The girls picking their choices from the used soft toys basket

The girls stopped to try on the furniture and Crystal likes the small size seater

They started to play with the soft toys on the way home. Some more soft toys added on to the many that they have at home. I told them that they can also sell their toys for charity purposes after they have grown up.

Friday 18 July 2008

New LCD monitor

Just to give a little update on my previous post regarding my new workplace's computer, the new acer 15.6" LCD X163w monitor has arrived since last week and I love it. It allows more working place on my desk as compared to the older bulky monitor. Thanks to my new bosses.

Wednesday 16 July 2008

A stroll at the beach

It is much convenient for us to get to the beach nowadays since my workplace is in Tanjung Aru. We have been dropping by the beach for a stroll for three days in a row after work. The favourite spot for the girls would be the KGC's playground, another place would be the swimming pool, they have not been allowed to play in the pool so far as we are not ready to let them yet, they have been nagging and nagging and nagging...every time we go there..
It is a good idea to sweat out a bit just by strolling at the beach and feel the sea breeze after a long day work. The girls like to run around every way they go and it's a good place to let them loose and run, we are amazed that Pearl has got a good stamina, she can really runs.
The girls' favourite
Playing with the sand before strolling, kind of warming up for them.
Here they are running to the Daddy
Have a stroll with the mummy. We did it for a few rounds and Pearl still said, again.
till the moon comes out
and the sun goes down

A few more slides before going home, if not tidak puas hati

Tuesday 15 July 2008

Cup Cakes for the weekend

After seeing and tasting so many of SIL's chicken cup cakes, I gave it a try to make some pork cup cakes last Saturday. I used the sponge cake mix for the cake and it turned out that the texture of the cup cake is too fluffy and the filling is too little. There were still plenty of pork stuffing left that we finished it off with porridge and rice for lunch and dinner. Wrong estimation but no wastage.

Sunday 13 July 2008

Another Year Older

Nothing much but it's a day to celebrate at our little house. It's another year old for Clet as we celebrated his birthday today. We did not have any plan to eat out or anything like that but just being comfortable having a simple tea party at home. I made some pasta with bolognese, and served with a cup coffee and carrot cheese cake specially made by Rosalind for his birthday.

Knowing that Crystal loves cheese so much, I also tried the Cheese & Herbs sauce for her pasta, without doubt, she enjoyed it so much that she had it for her dinner too.

A little cake specially baked by SIL, Rosalind for the ocassion. It's Clet's favourite carrot cheese cake.

The girls never want to miss a chance blowing the candles.

They also like the thrill of cutting the cake too..

They just love the ocassion.

My home cooked pasta with beef bolognese

The Genies Are Back!!

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Saturday 12 July 2008

Beading - DIY Earrings

After finished making a fresh water pearl & Japanese beads necklace as birthday present for Katheen, I made myself three pairs of earrings the same afternoon. I have been keeping the accessories for quite a while and thought it's time to make some earrings to add on to my earrings collections. Since I am going back to work I will have to use them more frequently. To me, earrings are the most easiest and convenient accessories for me to put on for any accassions.

Mystic knot with 4mm bicone crystal beads
I collected these beads from one of my necklace and converted them into a pair of earrings.

Friday 11 July 2008

Kathleen's Birthday

Kathleen's birthday was on the 29th June and was celebrated at Karamunsing KFC, the same venue that she celebrated her birthday last year. The kids were having fun no matter what, after meals, they had some games but Pearl and Leander are too small to join in some of them. The kids just couldn't stop running around and we have to constantly keep an eye on them as we were in the public place, a bit stressful though. We did not buy any present for Kathleen, Clet prefered to make a necklace for her which I managed to get it done two hours before the party.

Kathleen the birthday girl is now 10 years old. A photo with Crystal, Isabella & Pearl before cutting the cake

A handmade fresh water pearls with Japanese beads necklace specially made for Kathleen.
Pearl is enjoying the mash potatoes
Joshua is not trying to eat the box he is merely licking the cheese after finishing his wedges :D
A birthday cake for Kathleen

Wednesday 9 July 2008

Tuesday Toot - Great Daddy

This week I am going to give my dear hubby, Clet, a big TOOT for being so supportive in every ways. Eversince I started work, he has been taking care of our two little princesses after school. He makes sure all appointments are set in the morning so that he could get his business done and fetched them from school on time, which is tough on him. At home, a routine has been set by him within a week for our girls, it would be a good disciplinary practice for the them in a long run. Let me share with you the Daddy's disciplinary practices:
  • shower time right after coming back from school;
  • lunch (He has to prepare lunch for them if I did not prepare any the morning);
  • home work for Crystal (Pearl has no homework from the baby class);
  • computer game time for Crystal only if she finishes her home work. Pearl would normally join in the fun or TV time;
  • Nap time (compulsory);
  • off to fetch the mummy (me) from work between 5.00pm to 5.15pm.

TOOT! TOOT! for the Daddy.

Tuesday 8 July 2008

What's happening..???

Yes, I am doing just fine with my new job, but somewhere somehow there's something not quite right around me in the office and I am scratching my head trying to figure out why. It all started when my new computer came in last week and I was so looking forward to having my own computer instead of temparorily using my colleague's spare one, but it was so disappointed that all the drives are not functioning, and my colleague is too busy to get it fix or return it to the vendor. Next, I got my new stationery that I ordered the day before, yes, I got a new 12-digit, two way power (solar or batteries operated) calculator, guess what, it's faulty. Imagine I have got a brand new faulty calculator. That's not all, I came in this morning, trying to switch on the air-con, oh no... it is not responding to my remote control. Batteries are full, remote control is fine with the other air-cons but not the one at my place. My colleague even opened the air-con to check what's wrong and he finally said no, I can not fix it. I told hubby about these and he laughed and said what's happening, what's next thing to get faulty again.. I said NO MORE, THAT'S IT.

Friday 4 July 2008

Thank God is Friday

I am into my fourth day of work in my new job, and thank GOD is Friday! I am still trying to adjust myself as a working mum after one and half year break. Feeling a bit tired today after waking up as early as 6am every morning making sure things are ready at home before going to work, really need sometime to adjust to this new routine from now on.
Pearl is particularly cranky this morning, and wanted me to take on the wheel so that I can be near her instead of the daddy, probably she has noticed the changes of not having mummy around at home nowadays. I'd tried to explain to her that mummy has to go to work, and she said, "No, Daddy go to work". At the age of less than three, she has already showing her choleric personality. We noticed that she has a mixture of Choleric and Sanguine personality style. whereas Crystal, she is a real Phlegmatic and Sanguine person. Much of the Phlegmatic style are from me I suppose :). The Choleric and Sanguine style in pearl are definitely from the Daddy. ::D
Oh oh lunch time is over!!

Thursday 3 July 2008

Chinese Medication

We brought Pearl to the Chinese doctor yesterday evening, we have no clues as to why her cough and flu lasted for so long, it is about a month now. Since western medications could not do any better on her, we have to resort to the Chinese medication which have been doing well on Crystal for many times. We waited for quite a while for our turn as the doctor is very "long winded", it was a struggle to keep the girls from moving around and touching the mechandise in the shops while waiting for our turn. Pearl was given a powder form medications, that's is a big challenge for us to feed her worst still they taste weird. Hope the medicine will cure her stubborn cough and flu..

Tuesday 1 July 2008

Tuesday Toot - First Day of Work

After one and a half years of being jobless or rather being a stay at home mum, I finally made myself useful in the job market again. Today is my first day of work, still feeling a bit unused to, not because of the job but miss my two little girls very much. I am glad that I am still able to carry out the tasks assigned to me confidently after a considerably long break. For that I would like to give myself a little TOOT!! Wish me luck in my new job!!

Our Saturday

Clet went for a seminar from 9.00am till 4.00pm on last Saturday so we stayed at home for the whole day.  Crystal woked up as early as the daddy and started her computer game.  When I caught in front of the computer with her game, she said daddy allowed me to play, oh yah..ok I proceeded to do my laundry while Pearl still asleep.  I only got to realised that Clet forgot to bring down a packet of salt that I asked him to buy yesterday when I was trying to cook the girls' favourite mee soup.  I ended up changing the flavour by using Maggi seasoning from Maggi Mee packets that I have been keeping, I knew we are going to need them somedays.

The girls are enjoying their mee soup that I cooked for breakfast

After watching so much Barney's VCD on making pizza, Crystal requested me to make a pizza by following the Barney's recipe, she even played the VCD and asked me to jot down the recipe without knowing that the recipe were for show only.  I am not ready to make a pizza even with a full recipe in front of me, that's a lot of work to make one.  She was not happy.  While hanging around at the kitchen she found a packet of jelly powder and she wanted jelly. That is much easier, so together we made some jellies and she is happy again.

Jellies in the mould waiting to be put in the fridge

 After that, the girls watched a few of their favourite VCDs, chasing around in the house while I was doing some cleaning up.  It's time for lunch, I had got helping hands to prepare lunch, Pearl went for her peanut butter and Crystal prefered cheese sandwiches.

Beside sandwiches, Crystal and I had spiral bolognese, Pearl did not like it at all; she was not ready for it.

Jelly was ready after half an hour or so after our lunch.  The girls were eagerly waiting for their jellies.  They tried and did not fancy them probably because they are not as sweet and as nice as those from the shop ones.  The daddy and I ended up eating most of them.