Sunday 13 July 2008

Another Year Older

Nothing much but it's a day to celebrate at our little house. It's another year old for Clet as we celebrated his birthday today. We did not have any plan to eat out or anything like that but just being comfortable having a simple tea party at home. I made some pasta with bolognese, and served with a cup coffee and carrot cheese cake specially made by Rosalind for his birthday.

Knowing that Crystal loves cheese so much, I also tried the Cheese & Herbs sauce for her pasta, without doubt, she enjoyed it so much that she had it for her dinner too.

A little cake specially baked by SIL, Rosalind for the ocassion. It's Clet's favourite carrot cheese cake.

The girls never want to miss a chance blowing the candles.

They also like the thrill of cutting the cake too..

They just love the ocassion.

My home cooked pasta with beef bolognese

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