Tuesday 8 July 2008

What's happening..???

Yes, I am doing just fine with my new job, but somewhere somehow there's something not quite right around me in the office and I am scratching my head trying to figure out why. It all started when my new computer came in last week and I was so looking forward to having my own computer instead of temparorily using my colleague's spare one, but it was so disappointed that all the drives are not functioning, and my colleague is too busy to get it fix or return it to the vendor. Next, I got my new stationery that I ordered the day before, yes, I got a new 12-digit, two way power (solar or batteries operated) calculator, guess what, it's faulty. Imagine I have got a brand new faulty calculator. That's not all, I came in this morning, trying to switch on the air-con, oh no... it is not responding to my remote control. Batteries are full, remote control is fine with the other air-cons but not the one at my place. My colleague even opened the air-con to check what's wrong and he finally said no, I can not fix it. I told hubby about these and he laughed and said what's happening, what's next thing to get faulty again.. I said NO MORE, THAT'S IT.

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