Friday 5 June 2015


It lasted for about 10 seconds just when I was combing my hair in front of the mirror this morning.  It started with loud shaky sound on the roof top, I thought it was a cat chasing after those naughty rats again, It couldn't be that bad that the chasing game made the whole house shaky.  Later then we realised that it was an earthquake.  The tremors woke our girls up from the beds, I could see their big eyes looking at us with a little shock of what they had experienced.

The whatsapp messages kept coming through with updates from friends & family after that.  So far we have not heard of any damages done following this earthquake in and around Kota Kinabalu areas except the worst hit areas in Ranau, Kundasang and Mount Kinabalu.

Many of the climbers are stranded on top of Mt Kinabalu for fear of loose rocks and borders would endanger the climbers from going down the mountain.

shattered glass at BSN Ranau

Major damaged road
One of our Donkey's Ears at the Mt Kinabalu has fallen off.  Luckily no damage was reported on the Low's Peak which resembles the highest point of the Majestic Mt Kinabalu. 
Many believe that the spirit of the ancestors are truly displeased with the act of the nude tourists at their sacred resting ground.

Thursday 4 June 2015

There goes my pot

I blogged  about  it  when I first used it which was new from the box (here).  

I planned to boil a pot of herbal soup last weekend using this little cute pot.  It was just after the water is boiled in the pot, I heard and saw water flowing out from my stove and wet the floor, then I realized the bottom of the pot has cracked beyond repair.
I couldn't carry the pot away from the stove as it was still burning hot.  The pot of soup thus drained dry leaving the herbs.  

I took the box & read again.  It clearly said can be directly cook from gas stove & durable.  I was very disappointed with it, off the pin it went.