Monday 29 December 2008

Before Christmas !!!

Our Christmas presents were all readily wrapped up well before Christmas this year unlike previous years we have to stayed up late to wrap them all up on the eve of Christmas. This year we have Crytal to help us to do the wrapping, she enjoyed doing it and I told her that she will have to do wrapping for us next year.

My Little helping hands. She is doing a good job despite having a little hard time handling the cellotape.
I continued with the wrapping at night while Crystal was asleep. Pearl joined me this time instead of helping she was having fun with my marker pen and xmas wrapping paper, well I let her be as this is the only way to keep her occupied so that I can finish my task before our trip to Kundasang on Christmas Eve.

Ta's all the Christmas presents for the family from us. There were 50 Christmas presents altogether this year, and the numbers keep growing with newborn each year.

All of them were placed under the Christmas Tree.

Sunday 21 December 2008

Christmas Decorations at home

It's will be Christmas in 4 days time. Cletus has put up the Christmas decoeations at home. Much of the decorations are the same as last year except a climbing Santa . While doing this post Cletus and Crystal are putting up another Christmas at the front door which he found in the store room.

A climbing santa
A decoration given by our friend, Junior and Fiona, many years ago.

Tuesday 9 December 2008

Company's Annual Dinner

We had our company's annual dinner at Kasih Sayang Health Resort & Spa last night, with plenty of food, lucky draws, and an opportunity to meet up with other colleagues from West Malaysia, Kuching and Singapore whom most of the time we only communcate with each other through the wire and the net. The company fly them (whoever wants to come) over here with everything paid for. They are going to spend 4 days 3 nights in KK from 7 December to 10 December, a staff trip filled with outings, eating, and funs.

A group photo taken after the dinner

A welcoming snowman at the entrance
A view of Kota Kinabalu City, and Sapi, Manukan and Gaya islands are clearly visible from the deck of the resort just before dark.
Managed to take photo of the fruits half ways through our buffet dinner
The salad section
Resort's house banana fritters
BBQ fish (I had one piece only)

Mixed vegetable (I definitely go for this in any functions)
Fried chicken wings
Local crabs (I did not take this as it is too troublesome and nothing much to eat)
Fried Squid
Sphagetti with mushroom
Pineapple rice with tomatos and raisins
BBQ lamb

Besides having a nice buffet dinner, every staff has got the chance to win themselves a lucky draw, including those who can not attend this function. I am sure you would like to know what I got right? :) I have got a 3 in 1 prize comprising 1 hair dryer, a Tesco cash voucher worth RM80.00 (don't know what to do with it cos we do not have any Tesco here in KK), and a 2 nights stay deluxe room at Kasih Sayang Health Resort & Spa with breakfast for 2. the total prize worth up to RM600.00 in terms of cash (how I wish is in cash, LOL). Actually I am aiming for a water distiller or a bread maker or a juicer, but neither one of them is meant for me this time round.

Monday 8 December 2008

Chicken, winter melon and carrot soup

Once in a while I will cook some "cooling" soup to cool down the heatiness in our bodies. Winter Melon is known to have the cooling effect. Though she has had a couple of cups of cooling tea "leong cha" the days before, Crystal still has a little feverage yesterday. It high time for her to have some cooling soup for dinner.

Thursday 4 December 2008

New Bag

Yeh..I have got a new handbag from Clet which he bought from Keningau (what a place to shop right?). Knowing that I am searching for a handbag with reasonable price to replace the one I have been using which has already been torn, he called and told me that he found one and thought I would like it, price is reasonable enough for me to say YES. Though he forgotten about my birthday but did not forget what I need. So I treat this as my birthday present la...

Black and soft material handbag, smaller than the one I am carrying now. Clet prefers the smaller one to avoid me keeping junk stuff in my bag, he ever says that if he were to check my bag, definitely he is going to throw away many unneccessary stuff inside. Let's see if he ever do that, :D.

The back view of my new handbag
The price tag, if Clet were to negotiate on the price he will sure get some discounts.

He noticed that the merchandise that sells in small town like Keningau are found to be cheaper than in KK, there are varieties of choices too, so Clet is thinking of buying shoes for the girls during his next trip there.