Saturday 28 March 2009

Breathing Therapy

I received this in my email, it was sent by my friend. I find it interesting and hope this therapy will help those always suffer from headache and tiredness. Here how it goes,

"When having headache, try to close your right nostril and use your left nostril to do breathing for about 5 mins. The headache will be gone. If you feel too tired, do it the opposite way. Close your left nostril and breathe through your right nostril. After a while, you will feel refresh again. Because the right side belongs to heat, so it gets hot easily. The left side gets cold easily. Women breathe mainly with their left nostril, so they get calm down easily.Men breathe mostly with their right nostril, so they get angry easily.When we wake up, do we notice which nostril breathes faster? Is it the left side or the right side?If the left nostril breathes faster, you will feel very tired. Close your left nostril and use your right nostril for breathing and you will get refresh quickly.You can teach your kids about it. The effect of breathing therapy is much better for adults.Practice the correct ways of breathing (breathe in and breathe out) and your body will be in a very relaxing condition."

Friday 27 March 2009

Water Filters

Everyone knows that the water supply straight from the tap nowadays consist of many carcinogenic agents which are no visible to our own eyes. Therefore, it is an essential for every household to have at least one unit of water filter. There are many types of water filtering systems in the market today to cater for different needs. I have been wanting to get a new unit of water filter for our new home to replace the old unit which I find it is highly insufficient for our needs now. Basically what we need is a water filter system that could provide us with a clean safe water for drinking, cooking, and for showering. I would prefer the type of water filters that can get rid of pesticides, flouride, bacteria, lead and other dangerous contaminants present in the water but without removing the essential minerals like potassium and magnesium, as long term consumption of de-mineralized water is known to be detrimental to our health. In order to have clean safe water for our consumption, it would be best to install an under sink water filter in the kitchen. It does a good job without anyone seeing it because it is install under the sink! Factors that we are considering when buying a new set of water filter are the pricing, quality as to whether it has been certificated by the authority and also the maintenance of the filtering system. It is advisable to read the specifications or features before buying in order to get the right water filter for our needs.

Barbie : Thumbelina

The latest addition to Barbie series is the Thumbelina, "even the smallest person can make a big difference". Clet bought the DVD, it's fun watching it. sold it at $13.99 for a DVD. You could also have a look at the customers' reviews before buying it.

Saturday 21 March 2009

Fast Cash

Jonathan, a colleague of mine has been late to work for many days now. He said his car has broken down while sending the children to school last Monday. Now, he has to get a public transport to work, from the area he lives, he has to get two buses in order to reach the place of work. He missed the connecting bus almost every morning, blame it to the inconsistency of the buses time schedules. He had a real bad luck lately, after experiencing a hit and run of his car bumper a week earlier, and his car broke down a week later. He is very down and out now as he has not got enough money to get the car fix. He has tried to apply for salary advances but was rejected by the company for reason being that he has taken once too many salary advances in the past months. One of my other colleague, Sean, found out the PayDay Loan while he was doing some research work on the net which he thinks would help Jonathan out from this situation. Without much hesitation, Jonathan sent in his application and got the approval without much problem since he meets the loan application’s requirements. He got the money credited to his bank account the next day and got his car repaired. “What a relief, I wouldn’t be able to do it without the PayDay Loan” he said.

One of my favourite

This one of my favourite dish which I cooked a couple of weeks ago. I did not post it because I do not know what the brown thing called. It is made from fish, bought by Cletus when he traveled to Sandakan.

Can't Wait Till Next Pay Day?

Have you heard of inflation going down? I have not heard of one before, probably I never aware of it. Prices on every single thing are on the rise. Most of us living with pay cheque to pay cheque are having difficulties in coping with the ever increasing prices on the day to day expenses, and struggling to pay for our mortgages, car loans, personal loans, children education, and other financial obligations. Savings is totally a dream. The likelihood of many of us will find ourselves short of cash well before pay day. What if the car suddenly broke down, emergency trips needed to settle important matters, a special offer that no one could resist, family in need of money and so forth, emergency cases like these just can't wait till then next pay day. Luckily there is a Cash Advance Loan available to save the day, it is a short term cash assistance for emergency needs, the application of the loan is very simple, your application could be pre-approved if you meet certain basic requirements and the money is deposited directly to your bank account. However, this type of loan is not suitable to resolve long term financial problems. It is a short term advances that is available to you, it provides a great help in time of need.

Monday 9 March 2009

Something New for the House

We had a gift from BIL for our house, a ceiling fan, which has lifted up our living room, giving a more cosy feeling at night with its lights on.

The newly bought fan in the box

The old and ordinary fan
Here's the new one fixed by Clet

when the fan and lights are on.

I realised that the fan has to be switched on in order to on the lights, luckily the lights need not to be switched on in order to on the fan.

Sunday 8 March 2009

Weekend Dessert

Only during weekends (best with a holiday Monday) that I have got the mood and time to cook something extra for my family. Today I boiled a big pot of Green Bean soup and share half of it with my neighbour, that's my parents and brother's family.

Pearl likes the soup very much but not Crystal. Green Beans are known to have a good cooling effect to our bodies and have other health benefits too. The Green Beans soup is very simple to make and faster to boil than the red beans. Here's what I mixed in the soup:

1. Green Beans;
2. a handful of rice;
3. rock sugar to taste;
4. a handful of sago;
5. 3-5 pieces of "honey dates"

Actually I wanted to mix some dried tangerine peel/skin but it's nowhere to be found in the fridge, it's just no there any more wonder where has it gone to???

Saturday 7 March 2009

New Look

Have been busy lately. Busy moving house, tight up with work, and during the moving time , the internet connection was off; I was all so busy and tiring that I even find my long hair is a burden. I have not been to cutting or trimming my hair since Pearl was born. She is now about 3.5 years old. The saloon was reluctant to cut my hair when I show her how short I want my hair to be. Same goes to my mum, she was with me in the saloon last Saturday morning. I said yes confirm just cut only, she tight it for me before cutting and let me take my hair home, it's 13 inches long.

Now I feel so light and easy with short hair, also save me a lot of trouble washing and taking care of my hair now. The best thing is I received good comments on my new look, many said this hair style suits me and I look younger. However, my girls strongly against me having short hair, Crystal said I look cute but not pretty that's why she refused to have her hair cut because she wants to be pretty not cute.