Wednesday 24 March 2010

Benefits of sea salt

Do you know that there are differences between iodized salt, refined salt and sea salt? To me all the salt were the same not until I noticed the ingredient contained in one of the health cereal that I bought recently, it uses sea salt as flavoring, why use sea salt? I was wondering.... It therefore triggered my curiosity to search the web to find out more about the benefits of sea salt.

Surprisingly the natural sea salt are found to be up to 70% lower in sodium than other standard table salt. It is produced under tight patent restrictions to maintain its healthy minerals for our body needs, though it is low in sodium the taste is equally great.

Most of us are trying very hard to reduce our salt intake by having little or omitting salt in our food altogether, as a result we do not enjoy our food at all because our meals have lose their tastiness without the sufficient amount of salt.

Since we know what sea salt health benefits can do to our health, especially to those with high blood pressure, it would be wise to do something good for ourselves by consuming quality sea salt from now on and enjoy our meals without worries.

Saturday 20 March 2010

Feng Shui book I am reading

I have been trying to finish reading a book that Clet bought for me a month ago, the "Monkey 2010 Fortune & Feng Shui" by Lilian & Jennifer Too. Clet bought one on his animal sign earlier and I requested him to bought one for me too. We have been buying these books for our reading pleasure and references for the last 2 years. Interestingly it tells the recommended feng shui cures, remedies & enhancer for the year in general as well as on each individual animal sign, depending on which book you buy.

The book tells that it is not going to be an easy year for everyone and for Monkey, it is in direct conflict with the Tai Sui and the affliction of the wu wang causes some obstacles to manifest! Oppss..

There are some recommended remedies in this book..but it is quite hard to follow exactly what the book says but it is good to know what is going on "around" us, to me feng shui is about the environment and surrounding at where we are, both our home and our work place.

Feng shui is a very interesting living science, there are so much to learn about.

Friday 19 March 2010

Another day leave

I took a day leave today. The alarm clock was set to ring at 7.45am meant for Clet to get up for his clinic appointment. It was not easy to drag myself out of the bed this morning but it's time to get up any how.

I stayed up late last night trying to figure out how to use the accounting package that I got from my SIL recently. It is an accounting package I am not familiar with, there are so much data that I need to update into the system as I have not been updating it since the first day I started my little business 3 years ago. I also need to help Clet to update his businesses records as well. Small businesses can't afford to hire manpower to do the job yet, that's why!

I had my breakfast while our girls still asleep and Clet has gone to the clinic. A set of "healthy" breakfast, home baked wholemeal bread with cranberry and raspberry jam, and a hot cup of Greenmax Yam Multi Grains Cereal. I finally bought the savoury one from Merdeka supermarket, it uses sea salt as one of its ingredients. Is sea salt healthier than the rest of the salt? I am still wondering???

At about noon time, we brought our girls to the bank to bank in their angpow money and their coins. At first we wanted to find a bank which offers piggy bank for kid's account, it seems that not many banks do so nowadays, ended up we chose a bank which is convenient for us. As this is the first time we bring them along, Pearl was worried when their hard saving coins were taking away by the bank staff, she kept asking for her coins back..hahaha..

at the bank waiting for the junior accounts to be opened

Tuesday 16 March 2010

1st day of school holiday

On the first day of school holiday I have to bring Pearl along to my office. Crystal has gone for tuition and Clet was busy finalizing his work to meet the date line by noon.

She only ate the sausages leaving the mee right to the bin

I brought her colour pencils and work books for her to do in my office. She had her breakfast on my desk and after that I get her to do her work books, not long after that she started to nag me to bring her out from the office, wanna go home. I have to find other stuff to keep her occupied for the rest of the morning, my colleague gave her little bouncing balls to play with, getting her to pass documents to my other colleagues, I let he play with my coins which she made so much noise playing with them. Finally I have to take the afternoon off as Clet still has got many other things to settle in order for him to be able to babysit our girls for the rest of the week.

It was an experience having Pearl around in my office but she kept me busy with her that I got little done for the morning. Need to take another day leave so that Clet can have time to do his work. That's our school holiday, taking turns to spend time with our girls :D

Sunday 14 March 2010

wholemeal bread by bread maker

It is not that I like to eat wholemeal bread, but due to the fact that it is healthier than white bread, obviously it is a better choice when comes to eating bread *.*

I made a small loaf of wholemeal bread with my brand new bread maker yesterday just nice for Clet to have it as his dinner cum supper when he came home late from work last night. Our girls still do not like to eat wholemeal bread, they prefer the soft white bread, we like it too...but I am yet to find a nice white bread recipe...

The recipe for this wholemeal bread was taken from the internet and I used half of the actual ingredients to make a smaller loaf. The yeast is a bit strong, 2 teaspoons of instant yeast for 250gm of wholemeal bread flour, seriously I do not like the smell of the yeast when I eat the bread. Do you have any good bread recipe to share with me?
a loaf of wholemeal bread just out from the bread maker

the texture is heavier than the one from the bakery

Thursday 11 March 2010

A New Bread Maker

I have been telling Clet that I am buying a new bread maker after I have finished paying the Juicer which I bought 7 months ago. He looked at me kind of asking me do you really need it? Hmmm..yes..since there is an easy payment scheme available. Another kitchen helper why not??

I took back this new bread maker last week (no payment made but deduct gaji for the next 3 months *~*). I have tried to bake a whole meal bread which was easy just follow the recipe. Last Saturday, I attempted to make a cake (followed the recipe that came with the bread maker), the end product was a disaster, Clet said dropping into the dustbin with a strange sound too...that's how bad it was...Pearl trying to help (playing more like it) me to sieve the flour for the cake.
Off they go to eat their Maggi mee...leaving flour every way, got to clean up a bit before continuing with the cake making, hmm...

This Bread Maker has a feature which allows us to put all the ingredient in and set the timer to when we need to start baking the bread. It would be a good idea to have a freshly bake bread awaits us early in the morning or whenever we want it to be. (But I have yet to find out the function, will do that this weekend :D busy bah!!).

Wednesday 10 March 2010

Tuesday Toot on Chinese New Year Cake

It's been quite a while since the last post that I wrote on Tuesday Toot.

Though Chinese New Year is over but I just wanna post a Toot for myself for a Chinese New Year cake that I made on the 13th day of Chinese New Year.

I made this cake especially for a pot luck gathering with my ex-colleagues (Innosabah). I did not make any fortune by trying my luck in the stock market then (in fact I lose money) but I have gained friendships from the company that I spent almost 10 of my youthful years. Most of us no longer working there, we have parted to our own avenues separately, only got to contact each other through face book and msn, I am glad Vivien made an afford to invite us to her house for this pot luck gathering where we got to catch up with each other, eat and drink no stop for the whole afternoon, of course with some gossips..:D;

One of our friend, Jenny, couldn't join us instead she made a long distance call (using skype) from England just to "join in" the fun...*v*

Hope I could house the gathering at my house next time..:D

Monday 8 March 2010

Direct TV offers!

My youngest daughter will turn on the television first thing in the morning whenever she can. She will pick through her VCDs folders to look for her favorite VCDs that she wants to watch for the day. She watches her favorite VCDs again and again, and worst still she refuses to let us change her program and telling us that there isn't any nice programmes to choose from the television channesl, can't blame her, she is right.

For that reason, I search through the web for a suitable and affordable TV programme provider and surprise to find DIRECT TV. DIRECTTV is very new to me. It offer 50% off for one year subscription and there are over 285 + channels to choose from, free professional installation, no need to buy any equipment and local channels are included, as well signal reception is very reliable. There are also choices to upgrade to high definition features too.

Honestly, there is no other television programme packages that I know of offers such a comprehensive packages that cater for all in the family. Just check on DIRECTV for more information!

Thursday 4 March 2010

Time to resign?

It is always the time of the year where staff are having the resigning spree after the Chinese New Year shopping spree :D.

The turnover of staff seems to be high after the Chinese New Year season because most of them are waiting for their bonus payout before resigning from their jobs. Most of us were very hopeful that the companies that we work for will distribute bonuses, one of them is me. However with much disappointment that I did not get any bonus but instead receiving a small sum of Angpow as appreciation. Well, it's still better than none, right?

Due to heavy workloads and others reasons, 2 of my colleagues resigned at the same time on the 1st of March, leaving me alone in the department soon. 1 of them has found another job while the other couldn't stand the work pressure anymore, hence decided to resign.

Hopefully our new colleagues will be able to start work as soon as possible to take over the workloads. If not me too will hand in the brown envelope to my boss as well!