Sunday 14 March 2010

wholemeal bread by bread maker

It is not that I like to eat wholemeal bread, but due to the fact that it is healthier than white bread, obviously it is a better choice when comes to eating bread *.*

I made a small loaf of wholemeal bread with my brand new bread maker yesterday just nice for Clet to have it as his dinner cum supper when he came home late from work last night. Our girls still do not like to eat wholemeal bread, they prefer the soft white bread, we like it too...but I am yet to find a nice white bread recipe...

The recipe for this wholemeal bread was taken from the internet and I used half of the actual ingredients to make a smaller loaf. The yeast is a bit strong, 2 teaspoons of instant yeast for 250gm of wholemeal bread flour, seriously I do not like the smell of the yeast when I eat the bread. Do you have any good bread recipe to share with me?
a loaf of wholemeal bread just out from the bread maker

the texture is heavier than the one from the bakery


  1. Good job.. at least you've tried.. I never tried making bread yet.. but planning too.. ^_^

    oh ow.. no bread recipe at the moment.. :)

  2. Hi, I just bought a new breadmaker too. So far have tried 3 loaves (wholemeal, foccacia and white bread) and they all tasted good. Your wholemeal bread looks nice... very fluffy :-)


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