Thursday 11 March 2010

A New Bread Maker

I have been telling Clet that I am buying a new bread maker after I have finished paying the Juicer which I bought 7 months ago. He looked at me kind of asking me do you really need it? Hmmm..yes..since there is an easy payment scheme available. Another kitchen helper why not??

I took back this new bread maker last week (no payment made but deduct gaji for the next 3 months *~*). I have tried to bake a whole meal bread which was easy just follow the recipe. Last Saturday, I attempted to make a cake (followed the recipe that came with the bread maker), the end product was a disaster, Clet said dropping into the dustbin with a strange sound too...that's how bad it was...Pearl trying to help (playing more like it) me to sieve the flour for the cake.
Off they go to eat their Maggi mee...leaving flour every way, got to clean up a bit before continuing with the cake making, hmm...

This Bread Maker has a feature which allows us to put all the ingredient in and set the timer to when we need to start baking the bread. It would be a good idea to have a freshly bake bread awaits us early in the morning or whenever we want it to be. (But I have yet to find out the function, will do that this weekend :D busy bah!!).

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