Tuesday 16 March 2010

1st day of school holiday

On the first day of school holiday I have to bring Pearl along to my office. Crystal has gone for tuition and Clet was busy finalizing his work to meet the date line by noon.

She only ate the sausages leaving the mee right to the bin

I brought her colour pencils and work books for her to do in my office. She had her breakfast on my desk and after that I get her to do her work books, not long after that she started to nag me to bring her out from the office, wanna go home. I have to find other stuff to keep her occupied for the rest of the morning, my colleague gave her little bouncing balls to play with, getting her to pass documents to my other colleagues, I let he play with my coins which she made so much noise playing with them. Finally I have to take the afternoon off as Clet still has got many other things to settle in order for him to be able to babysit our girls for the rest of the week.

It was an experience having Pearl around in my office but she kept me busy with her that I got little done for the morning. Need to take another day leave so that Clet can have time to do his work. That's our school holiday, taking turns to spend time with our girls :D

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