Thursday 23 June 2016

Planting from cuttings and seeds - Fig & Avocado

We have been busy doing some fig planting project at our home for the past one month.  I ordered some hybrid fig tree cuttings from the local planter, put them in the soil and after 2 weeks or so of tender nurturing care, the cuttings have produced new shoots coming out like these..

fast forward yesterday, they have grown a bit more like the photo below.  Since their roots are still not stable yet, it is not advisable to place them outdoor.  Oh yes, the little one at the bottom right is a cutting from Spain, Don Juan, we are so glad to see its new shoots.
I ordered yet another batch of cuttings from the same planter last week.  They are now in the "incubator" waiting for the new roots and shoots to come out.  Hopefully all our cuttings will live.
 Being ambitious, I am also trying to grow avocado tree from seeds after we ate the fruits.  So far no sign of root or shoot after 1 week...

Monday 13 June 2016

Fresh and dried fig fruits

We tasted a few more varieties of fresh fig fruits lately from a local farm.  I was trying to get the names of these figs but she has forgotten which trees she plucked them from.  Vividly she could remember one of them is TGF (Taiwan Golden Fig).  The smallest one is cute and sweet.
 anyone can identify what varieties these figs are ?

During puasa month and with Ramadan approaching, there are aplenty of dried figs for sale in the supermarket.  Being first time buying dried figs, I chose the brand that I heard regularly on the radio, Yusuf Taiyoob. 
We have counted, there are 38 pieces of dried figs compactly packed in this round plastic container.  I really love the texture of these dried figs, not overly sweet.  I can have 4-5 pieces in a day as snack.  Although my girls much prefer the fresh ones but they do not mind having one or two the dried ones while waiting for our home grown fig trees to bear fruits in 3-4 months time..hopefully earlier. 

Saturday 11 June 2016

Flowers, plants and vegetable at home

Awaken by a phone call from my brother.'s already worries, it's a Saturday & still school holiday.

Had our relaxing breakfast at home, kids will be back to school next week.  My girl helped to spread avocado with milk on a slice of bread for me with her leftover avocado (her breakfast for today, obviously not used to taking fruits as breakfast :D).  It's just feel so nice to have my little girl preparing something for me.  She prepared sandwich lunch for me too on my request because I am down to cough & flu.

After breakfast, I went checking on my flowers, the progress of my tomatoes seedlings, french beans seedling, if any (still no way to be found) and my kale plant.
Finally, this single petals desert rose is blooming.

I took a picture of the three types of blooming desert roses at the front porch..I bought 3 more varieties of desert roses from the tamu last week, as you can see one of them is at the right side. 

Here is the tomatoes seedlings, growing very slowly but at least germinated about a week after planting the seeds.
one more, looking weak hopefully it will become stronger in the coming days.
my kale plant that I bought from the tamu for RM8.00.  It was in a poly bag, we re-potted it here.  I just learnt that Kale is very good for health.  I intend to add more herbs plants into my collections and start to learn how to "eat" them since they posses great nutritional values.

We are working on a planting project at our home, will update it here soon.

Wednesday 8 June 2016

Meals at Sugar Bun

It's been ages since we last dined at Sugar Bun.  The whole fish set meal is the one attracted my better half to try its meals again.  I could hardly find serving of the whole fish like this in other restaurants. 
I opted for something spicy this time, I think is the asam fish set meal.  My kids chose the soupy rice and fried chicken set meals. The soupy rice came pretty late because the kitchen has forgotten our order, my kid went straight to her meal before I even have the chance to take a photo.
Overall we are happy with our meals there..the absence minded kitchen staff is a set back.

Friday 3 June 2016

Blooming Desert Roses

Our desert rose flowering again.  This time we have two varieties blooming at the same time, the bright pink and purplish petals..
I have missed collecting the seeds from the last blooms, I must collect the seeds this time round to plant more desert roses.

I have recorded down the flowering process of its full blooms over the period of 7 days in this video.