Saturday 9 September 2017

台湾古早蛋糕 Taiwan Original Cake

I told my better half that there is a super soft Taiwanese cake selling like hot cake in Damai, really is hot cake this time. I told him that my colleague has to queue for about 30 minutes to buy the cakes, and the lady who queued after her lost her tamper because my colleague bought 10 pieces of the cake and left none for her, she has to wait for another 20 minutes to get this famous Taiwanese original cake, she burst and scolded the shop helpers. With curiosity, he went the next day afternoon and bought a piece for us to try.

Everyone who tasted it has to agree that this cake is super soft even after keeping in the fridge for 2 days.

Honestly, there is nothing extra ordinary about this cake, what makes this cake so special is the consistency of maintaining its super soft and moist texture.  I have been dreaming to be able to bake this kind of cake myself, looks like the easiest way is to buy from the shop. 

The original flavour is sold at RM14.00 per piece in a box, much more expensive than West Malaysia.

Friday 8 September 2017

Beading Project - Wooden Beads Bangle

I like to do some beading work once in a while (when my mood is on beading). This is one of the wood beads bangle that I did. I simply used a larger size wire bangle, some colourful wooden beads and a jump ring.  The tools that I used are a pair of round nose pliers and bent nose pliers to connect the jump ring and bent to close up the bangle.   

Pizza Hut Locked Pocket Pizza meal set

We decided to dine out tonite but what to eat and where?  These are the usual questions that we have each time we decide to eat out.  Since many years ago, our girls' opinions of what they would like to eat have become our basis of considerations.

They finally decided to go to Pizza Hut for the pasta, we haven't been there for quiet a while.  

There is a new pizza and pie on the menu, thus we ordered 1 each to try.  
 The locked pocket pizza set
 with minced chicken fillings
 The side of the dough are sliced and folded to hold the minced chicken resembling a pocket, similar sort of toppings.

 the appetizer came with the pizza set is chicken vegetable roll (simply frozen food)

 A bowl of pie, very excited to dig in but very disappointed that what we found covered under the mashed potatoes and cheese slice are sausages and slices of button mushrooms and tomato puree.  Frozen food again.  

Pasta is what my girls are coming to Pizza Hut for.  They ordered a plate of each of this spaghetti, the serving portion is satisfying.

Monday 4 September 2017

Varieties of Sabah Tea Flavours

Little did I know that our local produce Sabah Tea has added some many types of flavours to its original tea.  I came across this when my colleague ordered all the flavours to be sold at the resort's lobby shop.  I am fascinated to see the colourful metal containers to differentiate the 9 varieties of flavours including the original one. 

It is a good item for the tourists to bring back this tea when they visit Sabah as gift and the metal container can be kept as souvenir.  I have not come across this packaging in the supermarkets nor any of the hypermarkets so far.  I guess these are meant for the tourists markets.

These are the 8 added flavours and the 1 has to be the original Sabah Tea with no added flavour.

Misai Kucing



Tongkat Ali


Lemon Grass

This must be the original Sabah Tea with no added flavour



Besides the original tea, I have not tried any of the added flavours.  Hope to find them in the supermarkets so that we have got the chance to taste all of them.