Monday 4 September 2017

Varieties of Sabah Tea Flavours

Little did I know that our local produce Sabah Tea has added some many types of flavours to its original tea.  I came across this when my colleague ordered all the flavours to be sold at the resort's lobby shop.  I am fascinated to see the colourful metal containers to differentiate the 9 varieties of flavours including the original one. 

It is a good item for the tourists to bring back this tea when they visit Sabah as gift and the metal container can be kept as souvenir.  I have not come across this packaging in the supermarkets nor any of the hypermarkets so far.  I guess these are meant for the tourists markets.

These are the 8 added flavours and the 1 has to be the original Sabah Tea with no added flavour.

Misai Kucing



Tongkat Ali


Lemon Grass

This must be the original Sabah Tea with no added flavour



Besides the original tea, I have not tried any of the added flavours.  Hope to find them in the supermarkets so that we have got the chance to taste all of them.


  1. Love the packaging. The containers are so pretty. I have a pack of Sabah green tea; still not finish.

    1. we drink Sabah Tea too, got to support home grown product bah right!!

  2. I am a big fan of tea, especially matcha, peppermint, pandan, herbs and fruit flavored ones. Can't really drink Chinese tea as it gives me heart palpitation and headache.

    1. I like coffee over tea..I started drinking coffee because of my sensitive airway after reading article on drinking coffee could help to reduce asthma.


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