Monday 24 April 2023

Home baked bread by Pearl

Another post of home made bread. Eversince I have got the ingredients right for baking white bread using my years old bread maker machine, we do not need to buy bread from outside. My girls enjoy having the fresh soft bread sandwiches for their breakfast. Rather than just me having to bake the bread all the time, I taught Pearl to do it too. She was once putting double scoops of salt in the ingredients, the bread turned out fine but became a salty bread. With that, she learned to be more focus when handling the ingredients. This is the bread she baked. Fresh, nice and soft.

Friday 7 April 2023

Home made bread by Bread Maker Machine

Bread baking is a lengthy and hard work process. It takes hours from kneading, proofing to baking. Luckily all these can be done by a Bread Maker Machine. I have put my bread maker machine aside for months due to renovation of my kitchen, and my yeast has gone bad. I am back to baking bread again after getting new packet of yeast.

My white bread turned out just the way I wanted, soft, fluffy and moist.

I have also made an Egg Bread loaf.  

There are a few more bread recipes I would like to try using the bread maker machine.  Will update from time to time.

Sunday 2 April 2023

Happy Palm Sunday

We went to sunset mass yesterday afternoon, on the eve of Palm Sunday.  We gathered outside the church for the procession and blessing of the palms before entering the church.

We held the palms high for the blessings and waving the branches of palm as a sign to welcome Jesus into Jerusalem.  This palm of mine is cut from the palm tree at the back of our house.

It used to be at the front of our house.  As we have changed to both ways gate access, we have to move it to the back of the house.  It's time to give it a trim to remove the dried branches.

Happy Palm Sunday !!