Sunday 1 February 2009

Isabella's 5th Birthday

A present for Isabella from her little aunties, Crystal and Pearl

Niece, Isabella's 5th birthday was on 28th January, celebrated at her home's club house. The weather was very bad, heavy down pour since noon time, our girls were very disappointed that they have to cancel their long waiting fun in the pool. As far as I can remember there's always raining away whenever there were celebrations at the club house. I just hope for a favourable weather this weekend as we plan to celebrate Crystal and Zac birthdays there, they share the same birth date.

The 2nd Day of Chinese New Year

Most of the dishes had already been readied when we arrived at my sister's home on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year shortly after 6pm. After spending a night at Kundasang, our cousins from Kota Marudu has been there since 3pm to help out on the cooking, she is a real good cook, presented us with 6 dishes for the night. Sis, Angela took the opportunity to learn some cooking tips from her too..I supposed to be there early to help out but with my two girls I don't think I can help much so I suggest to help on the cleaning up after the dinner, i.e. wash the dishes la...

Home cooked dishes on the table when we arrived. Cooking still on in the kitchen.

Very tender braised deer meat prepared by my cousin sister

Mixed Vegetable with fatt choy & eggs

Fried chicken and prawn wanton

Stuff taufu

Frien chicken wings

Sweet & sour fish

Plain boiled chicken

Curry chicken

Mushroom chicken

mixed stuff taufu and egg

Sang Choi

Pearl, Crystal & Baby Ensond

The 1st Day of Chinese New Year

On the 1st day of Chinese New Year, we celebrated Joshua's 6th birthday at his grandparent's home.

There were plenty of fireworks during the night. The children enjoyed watching them but scared of the loud noise. Crystal and Pearl had to cover their ears most of the time.