Monday 23 September 2013

Today's Grumble

This simple plate of fried rice is now RM7.00 at hawker stall, the price has increased by 100% more in just few years. Everything have increased in price and still increasing.  Our Ringgit is losing its value rapidly if situation like this persists.

Saturday 21 September 2013

Mid Autumn Festival 中秋节

We celebrated Mid Autumn Festival in a very small way, usually mum will call us over for dinner, but she didn't this year because she thought that we have gone to my hub's side for the celebration.  

 Since mum did not call, we went home straight from work.  While I was searching for something to cook in the kitchen, Clet asked me whether I feel like cooking or prefer to eat out.  My answer to him was "I never feel like cooking", I would call it lazy, tired and no idea what to cook, a mixture of reasons..:D  We decided to tapau some dishes and hop over to brother's home to serve ourselves dinner...Festival like this is best to spent time with family members.  We had different types of moon cake this time.   
I like this moon cake very much, smaller in size and the skin is very soft unlike the traditional ones, RM3.00 per piece
Jelly moon cakes in assorted flavours, home made by SIL.

A traditional Lotus moon cake, cut into eight portions

A box of assorted flavours moon cake

I picked the green tea flavour to go with a cup of hot Chinese tea.  
The kids were not into playing the lanterns reason being that they scared the lantern will catch fire by the candle flame inside the lantern...:D
At the end, all the lanterns were hang at the car porch. Can you see the full moon on the sky?? Very glad that it was not raining or else we wouldn't be able to see any moon.

Thursday 19 September 2013

My sewing project -Raffle Skirts for little girls

I try hard to squeeze some time out from my busy chaos to do some sewing.  I have not been touching my sewing machine for days now, haven't been "productive" these 2 weeks.

Just a quick sharing on what I have sewed up so far..there are all raffle skirts with the same pattern for girls aged 5-9 years old.  It is pretty easy to make.
I made this pink raffle skirt for Pearl, the colour is nice, most importantly she likes it so much.

Same pattern, this one with ribbons at the front
in green and orange checkers

Cutting out the material.  Below is the finished product, they look different in colour due to the lighting.

Will post more successfully finished sewing items in time to come.  If you come across any helpful site that provide good tutorials on sewing, appreciate if you could share them with me, I need to learn and practice to polish  up my sewing skills.  TQ.  

Wednesday 18 September 2013

Birthdays and cakes

This post meant to record down the birthdays of our family members so far.

SIL's birthday and her home made chocolate cake made by herself. 

Niece, Kathleen's birthday and super delicious durian cheese cake

My better half, Clet's birthday 

Niece, Anneliese's Birthday 

BIL, Nick's Birthday 

My precious little girl, Pearl's birthday

and the youngest in the family, Reese celebrated her 1st birthday yesterday.

she have had a very beautifully decorated pink Hello Kitty fondant cake.  Her mum is a fan of Hello Kitty. 

Tuesday 17 September 2013

The Last Supper

I was very into cross stitch during my single years.  I have shelved all my unfinished cross stitch stuffs when I got pregnant due to certain pantang larang / taboo from grandmothers' believes.  

After more than 10 years now, upon numerous requests from my eldest daughter to teach her how to stitch, I took out my cross stitch stuff from the cabinet and found this unfinished piece of "Last Supper".  Honestly I do not know when I can complete this master piece;  my eye sight has gone poor and I can't have the spare time I wish to have like before.

Since my girl has have the same interest like me, I hope she will have the passion in cross stitch to finish this piece of sewing work for me, if not I will have to start stitching during my retirement age...:D     

Friday 13 September 2013

Pork Burgers

Pork burger is quite a new thing here.  There are a number of stalls suddenly emerged in selling pork burgers in areas slightly outside Kota Kinabalu City.  Most of them are small operators started their businesses along the road sides within their kampungs.  Just like one of our nephews who has joined business venture with his friends selling pork burgers.  

With the agreements from our girls, we decided to have pork burgers as dinner one evening.  We tapau 4 sets of pork burger from our nephew's stall, our gestures of support in his business.  
The burgers look ordinary, the patty makes the difference. 
Feeling full after having the whole burger for myself

Thursday 12 September 2013

Singer Serging Machine

After having a new Singer sewing machine in a couple of weeks, I decided to get myself a new Singer serging machine.  Why Singer brand? you may is because I have known this brand of sewing machine since I was still a little girl..My mum used to sew uniforms for kindergarten to supplement our household income, I had helped (for the fun of it) her to unfold the sawed up strings using a chopstick..>.<.  She still keeps her very old model of Singer manual sewing machine till now. 

Back to my new serging machine...with a serging machine, the sewed clothing will have a more professional look, this is the main purpose for me to buy this machine.  

I was extremely unhappy with the piece of skirt that I sewed with all the edges of clothes running off.  I have tried to use the zig zag mode to sew up the edges/seams but it looks awful.  I want my sewing project works look like store bought, haaaaa..

This is the 3 thread serging machine which I bought.  I have a bit of a struggle to make adjustments on the densities on the threads.  I am still trying to do some trials and errors whenever I use it.  There is a VCD that's come with the purchase unfortunately it is broken, I am yet to go back to the outlet to ask for a change. 

Singer offers instalment scheme for their products..I have opted this option for this purchase.

Tuesday 10 September 2013

My home cooking

Everyone in the house seem to be full this evening after they had spaghetti for lunch, pancake and bubur cha cha for tea at SIL's place where they spent the 1st day UPSR exam school break.

Though they are not ready to have dinner, I still need to cook for myself, they can have the left over if they get hungry later in the night...^_-.  I am a skinny bone but a big eater...:) I have to gain more weight now after my recent detox.

With my cooking skills and the time I have after work, this is the best I can cook for dinner tonight.

Time for dinner now!