Thursday 12 September 2013

Singer Serging Machine

After having a new Singer sewing machine in a couple of weeks, I decided to get myself a new Singer serging machine.  Why Singer brand? you may is because I have known this brand of sewing machine since I was still a little girl..My mum used to sew uniforms for kindergarten to supplement our household income, I had helped (for the fun of it) her to unfold the sawed up strings using a chopstick..>.<.  She still keeps her very old model of Singer manual sewing machine till now. 

Back to my new serging machine...with a serging machine, the sewed clothing will have a more professional look, this is the main purpose for me to buy this machine.  

I was extremely unhappy with the piece of skirt that I sewed with all the edges of clothes running off.  I have tried to use the zig zag mode to sew up the edges/seams but it looks awful.  I want my sewing project works look like store bought, haaaaa..

This is the 3 thread serging machine which I bought.  I have a bit of a struggle to make adjustments on the densities on the threads.  I am still trying to do some trials and errors whenever I use it.  There is a VCD that's come with the purchase unfortunately it is broken, I am yet to go back to the outlet to ask for a change. 

Singer offers instalment scheme for their products..I have opted this option for this purchase.

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  1. This is new, never seen something like this before..


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