Wednesday 15 February 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

Just an update on my Valentine's Day activities. Busy at work as usual. My better half knows me well that I no longer needed a teddy bear because he is my teddy bear, no flowers because they are overpriced, but cash are welcome, no chocolate, because the last I would choose is the chocolate among all the sweet candies. I enjoy most are the food. So the highlight of the day is food though nothing to shout about because it's just ordinary. The most important is the sense of Love and being Loved as we get together as a family.
Famous Nasi Kuning (Yellow Fragrance Rice) with fish
Valentine's Day morning breakfast..sweet and spicy combination. As usual, both of us shared a glass of sweet kopi Kahwin like we always do.
At night, I put on my heart shape glittering earrings for a date with my better half and daughters.  We went for a Japanese Meal.  We arrived just in time to get a table for 4.  By the time we finished our meal, there were several couples and families waiting to be seated.  This Japanese restaurant was full house.

Bento sets and salmon slices
duck rice and last piece of jelly.
We left not long after we finished our meal to make way for others to sit.  That's about our Valentine's Day 2017. How's yours ?