Tuesday 23 February 2016

Vitamins - Calcium & Glucosamine

Age is really catching up on me..I could feel the change soon after I reached 40...First, it was my eye sight, follow by my joints, and recently, I feel increase pains on my arms and legs.  I have slowed down my consumption of coffee 2 weeks ago..and change my diet to oats for breakfast and lunch after the test on my bad cholesterol level is on the high side at 5.81.

For my joints pain, I have started with Calcium and Glucosamine last month, I know I should have consumed these vitamins many years ago, hope it is still not too late before I reach 50.

Apart from these, I am also taking Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin C and Fish Oil on a more regular basis than last year.  I need regular exercise, that's what I am lacking, a lot of effort is needed to get myself to move.

What are the health supplements are you taking ?  Would be glad to learn from your testimonials.

Friday 19 February 2016

Cheapest Asam Laksa Mee

The cheapest, fastest and delicious Asam Laksa mee.  
I believe this is the cheapest bowl of Asam Laksa mee that we could get nowadays.  My choice is Maggi Asam Laksa whenever I am craving for it.  

My better half knows very well of my taste, he added an egg, green vegetable and lemon grass for added nutrition and fragrance to my bowl of asam laksa mee.  Delicious, for nutrition wise, it is debatable and individual choice.

Thursday 18 February 2016

立春 Lap Chun 04.02.2016

This was the 2nd year in a row we had "standing of the eggs" ceremony in the office on Lap Chun, 4th February 2016.  It is believed to have a good year ahead if our egg stands.  It is fun too where most of my colleagues joined in the activity.  It's a fine day to start the year of Fire Monkey.
This is my egg standing firm
Here's my colleague trying hard to get the egg stand.  Believe it or not one of  my colleague brought in unsalted duck eggs too..the 2 white ones are duck eggs.
The eggs remain standing when we left the office
Our eggs still standing firm till the next day morning.  One thing we can confirm is that our office is insects free, with the cockroaches and rats around, our eggs would have fallen. 

Wishing all a smooth, healthy and prosperous in the year of Fire Monkey.

Wednesday 17 February 2016

Crochet Sling bag - Handmade

I am busy with crochet lately, a new found interest..not that new actually.  I bought a batch of yarns meant for amigurumi Angry Birds project a few years ago when the Angry Birds' fever was on the heat.  The project failed miserably, I set the yarns deep inside the drawer until lately I was inspired by my colleague whom made a crochet bag, and I wanted to give it a try on crochet again.  This time is to crochet a sling bag.

Started with Treple crochet (Double crochet in U.S term) all the way, chose the red colour for Chinese New Year
without knowing the importance of calculating the number of crochets stitches, the shape of the first piece of my crochet on the right is uneven.  

getting the side of the bag done with black yarn

I added on a purple heart as my little girl likes purple colour

I prefer the bag with zipper and lining, I was very worry that the yarn would stuck in my sewing machine but I gave it a try anyway to get a better finishing on the lining..I am so happy that I managed to get it done.

sewed a purple puff flower too
The finished project.  My first crochet bag.  I will improve from here for my future crochet project.

Tuesday 2 February 2016

Additional members in 2016

Two weeks ago, we supposed to find tyres for our car in Inanam.  The tyres shop have not started their business before 8am..After having our favourite white tom yam fish meehoon soup for breakfast, we adjourned to the tamu.

this white tom yam meehoon soup is very delicious, I always ask for less chillie, RM10.00 per bowl.

We found these two cuties at the tamu.  They are sister and brother.  5 siblings altogether according to the lady owner.  The brown one is the eldest and the white one is the 2nd.  The lady owner letting them go to us at a giveaway price.  She trusts we will take care of them. 
My better half took both of them home so that they have companion, can't bear to hear them cry if they are alone at night. Though they are siblings, one is shorter than the other because the mother dog is of a shorter breed.  
They are very active, we have to keep them in the cage to avoid them from slipping out from the gate where there are cars and other bigger dogs, they might get lost as well and can't find their way home.  Our daughters have given them very complicated names, the brown is Flipper, the white is Whistle...:D.  Now we have dogs at the backyard and front porch, means more mouth to feed..haaaaa...