Monday 28 December 2015

Santa's bag

My better half requested a Santa's bag few hours before we were to load and carry all the Christmas presents to the family Christmas celebration on 26th December.  A bit of a struggle here and there, and the machine stuck many times during the sewing process.  Rushing after the time is stressful.
It was my better half's idea to have the Santa's bag so he has to help to design and cut out the green Christmas tree patterns.  Luckily we have the essential colours of red, green and white clothes available.

The sewing process is not tough but I prefer to have more time for me to do a better job
The finished Santa's bag filled with Christmas presents

Wednesday 23 December 2015

Carolling at home 2015

We invited the Children's Liturgy carolling group to our home on 18th December.  Our girls are part of them.  It was heavy downpour prior to their arrival, it's a blessing from above.

goodies bags are ready for the children
besides Christmas carols, there are role play on Mother Mary, Joseph, the Angels 
My girls used to played the role of Mother Mary and the Angel in the previous years.  They have now grown up, letting the younger ones take up the roles, the costumes no longer fit them :D

wishing all my bloggers friends a


Our Christmas Tree 2015

Christmas is just a couple of days away.  We have put up our Christmas Trees just before the carolers came to visit our home on 18th December (Carolling at home).  We are having 3 Christmas Trees this year, all the trees and ornaments are from previous years.

Tuesday 8 December 2015

Singer Sewing Machine

My Singer machine that I bought about 2 years back has been under utilised.  It is collecting dust all this while.  After much comments from my better half of my abandoned machine, I moved it to my table now trying to use it..most of the time I am doing some alterations and sewing up our own clothing which the threads are falling apart.

I have been busy re exploring the functions of the presser foots that came together with the machine when I bought it.  That's what keeping me busy and less time to update my blog.  I am also learning through visual on how to make bags...hope I can start the project soon.

this is my Singer sewing machine, nicely covered 

and when it uncovered it is look like this.. 

These are the presser foots which I am trying to learn how to use them.
Even Feed Foot / Walking Foot

Button hole presser foot

Overedge Foot

zipper foot 

Satin presser foot

Blind Hem Foot

Saturday 5 December 2015

My Birthday

This is a late post...but I still want to record down my birthday here as an annual affair and many more birthdays to come.
This year I remembered to make some red eggs on my birthday.  I am very thankful to have received many birthday wishes and messages in my FB and whatsapps.  

I ordered a small sponge cheese cake, we love cheese cake, we almost finished the whole cake in one setting.    
cheese in between the sponge cake layers, just nice for our taste buds. 
 It has been a while we have not dined in Japanese restaurant.  I chose to have Japanese food on my birthday.   
Besides having Duck fried rice & Ramen, my kids like to pick their favourite sushi from the conveyor belt.  
I had this set of salmon bento.