Friday 24 March 2023

Pudding and agar-agar Mould

I finally used this jelly, pudding / agar-agar mould last week after keeping it since last year.  I bought this mould because I was attracted to some nice pudding and agar-agar photos posted in the instagram. 
My pudding + agar-agar came out good.  The top layer is wobbly pudding with more solid agar-agar as base.

This is the pudding premix I used, the texture is good.

I used Nazri brand for the yellow agar-agar base.   I reduced the sugar to more than half.  Since the pudding is sugar added premix, I do not want my dessert to be too sweet.  
It's a great help with the jelly mould, this would be one of the desserts I would do for the coming families gatherings, presentable and nice dessert.



  1. That looks really good. I don't know what agar-agar is.

  2. I love to eat jelly. Your jelly mould will make the jelly look pretty. Jelly are great desserts to bring for pot luck and gatherings. Good that you know how to make jelly.


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