Tuesday 14 March 2023

Home, Food, Family, Love

These are two of the decorative items hanging on our kitchen wall.  

The "HOME" cross stitch on top of the door to the backyard, was a present from my close friend, Viv, we have known each other since primary school, continued to secondary school and later colleague.  It's a very meaningful piece of cross stitch,  "HOME is where you keep your heart"
By the door, we hang a lovely piece of prayer, a Christmas present from family.  We could read the FOOD, FAMILY, LOVE from a distance.
Come closer, the verse goes "Bless the FOOD before us, the FAMILY besides us, the LOVE between us, Amen".  


  1. That is priceless. Cross stitch by friend, sure is sentimental. No frame hanging in my kitchen.

  2. I like to do cross stitch when young. These two decorative items brighten up the kitchen for sure.


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