Monday 13 March 2023

Flying Noodles / Floating Noodles

Heard so much about the Flying Noodles or Floating Noodles in the social media.  This was last year around Christmas time, we went ot Suria Sabah shopping mall to do our Christmas shopping.  We seated ourselves for lunch at one of the restaurants in the mall, I noticed they have flying noodles in their menu.  Out of curiosity, I ordered one to try out.

The noodles are hard and full of starchy gravy, I find it hard to eat.  I made a bit of a mess eating it and I didn't finish it.  I still prefer the springy and chewy texture type of noodles.

I ordered a hot drink, it was Kopi Kahwin Tarik to help me send the noodles down.


  1. I have never heard of flying noodles. They don't sound very good - who wants hard noodles?
    I also read of your language studies. I'm impressed!

  2. Such noodle must soak in the gravy first. Or else not tasty and hard to digest. Something similar to our Kuching crispy tomato noodle. Check my post on it.

  3. Wow! You mean the noodles stood up straight on their own? What a sight! Like magic.


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