Tuesday 7 March 2023

Multiplying Hoya Kerrii, the lucky heart plant

Honestly I did not know what this plant called until I searched it out from Mr Google by typing "heart shape cactus" wahahaha.  Now I know it is call Hoya Kerrii, Hoya Heart or Lucky Heart among many other names given to it.  Anyway, I prefer to called it Lucky Heart plant from now on.

This Lucky Heart plant with 2 leaves was given to us by my SIL last year who is very passionate in plants and flowers, she has got a garden full of greens and flowers and also vegetables too. She puts a lot of afford in maintaining her garden. 

from 2 leaves last year (forgot the date).....I gave auspicious names "吉祥, 如意" to the leaves, simply means "Good Fortune and Abundance of all that you love"

and today, it has multiplied with an additional of 3 leaves with minimal care.  I just have to water it 2-3 times a week.
In order for it to multiple more, I will have to transfer my Lucky Heart plant to a bigger pot.  Will do that soon.



  1. The heart shape leaves are pretty. Does it have a maximum size?

    1. not sure how big it will grow, will see after changing to a bigger pot.

  2. I never seen this cactus plant before. I love the love shaped leaves. So cute. Should not be hard to grow since it is cactus plant and don't require much care.


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