Saturday 26 September 2009

Been busy baking

Guess what I have been busy baking since last week. The idea started with wanting to bake a birthday cake for Pearl, but did not get the result that I wanted. Due to lack of confidence and time, my SIL was so kind to help me out to bake a birthday cake for Pearl to bring to the school, that really saved my day.

I have yet to try her recipe because I am lacking of the flour needed, however, I tried other sponge cake recipe, one was the premix recipe which I bought meant for Pearl's birthday, it turned out to be dry and not as spongy. I also tried the Japanese Cotton sponge cake recipe which turned out to be really good, probably because there are milk and butter in the ingredients.

I was also dare enough to try the cream puff and eclair recipe on monday and that I have a little problem with the baking time. It took much longer time that indicated in the recipe because I made the piped the dough too big thus needed long baking time.

Just the night before I baked a chiffon cake by using the chiffon cake premix which made the preparation process so much easier. Unfortunately, I fixed the chiffon baking pan wrongly that have allowed the batter to lick out from the bottom of the pan, and I accidentally touched the oven door and got a burn on my arm as well, silly me. Good thing was that the chiffon cake turned out to be fine but can be better. Next time I will try to mix the egg white separately rather than mixing everything together.

Last night, I tried the Japanese Cotton Sponge cake again due to popular requests by my family.

And today no cake baking, but puffing time. Chicken sausage puffs and cream of mushroom and chicken puffs by using the ready made puff pastry. So we had puffs for tea time this afternoon. I have posted the pictures and the recipe here.

Sunday 20 September 2009

A way to say "Thank You"

This year we celebrated Pearl's birthday in a small way, in such a small way that only involved her small little friends in school. With the help of my SIL, a nice purple cake was baked the night before, saved me the worries of baking it myself.
We did not send any invitation out to inform the students' parents for the celebration. We thought since the kids will be in school on that day, we will just send in a birthday cake and goodies bags to have a small party during their morning tea break.

By the time we arrived the school, the teachers have already got the table set up and put a little birthday hat on for our little Pearl, all ready for the party. We brought in Crystal to join in the party too...she has to excuse herself from her class for a little while, obviously Pearl is very happy to have us around for her birthday in the school.

Besides receiving birthday presents from her form teachers, we were very surprise to see Pearl received presents from her classmates, not just one but two presents. We did not expect it so since no invitations were sent out to the parents. Since we don't normally have the chance to meet the parents, sending thank you notes to them would be the best way to appreciate their thoughtfulness.

I would prefer to have personalized thank you cards and thank you notes to express how thankful we are to receive those gifts which have given a much brighter smile on Pearl's face on her birthday. Kids and adults alike love to receive gifts, don't we?

Nowadays it is very convenient to get a personalized thank you card through the web. There a many different types of cards to choose from. Just type in the thank you notes in the card you have chosen and print it out. We could make it more personalized by uploading a photo from our computer too, having our photo on the cards would cost us dearly if it is to be printed by the shop. We could get it at a very reasonable price from the net nowadays.

Wednesday 16 September 2009

Get paid to read emails

Would you like the idea of getting paid just by reading emails? It is too good to be true. At first I thought it is just another spam. After checking through their website, I am happy to announce that it's a 100% free and legitimate program.

It has more than 150,000 members now and it is the largest Paid To Read Email Program in Asia. Point will be credited into your account each time you read an email they send to your email. The points will then be converted into Singapore dollar and we can either withdraw our earnings via Paypal or cheque. It is a very good news to Malaysian as we will be earning double because of the exchange rate.

I have started to earn only after 3 days of joining the program. Check it out at You will like what you see!!

Tuesday 8 September 2009

Buka Puasa stalls

We were in darkness when the power cut at around 4pm on Tuesday. Couldn't stand the stuffiness and darkness in the office anymore, we thought of a place to go, that's the nearby buka puasa stalls. The sun was so bright and very smokey. After a walk around the stalls, bought what we wanted, we couldn't stand that heat any longer.

the stalls, very smokey, I find myself smell of babeque chicken wings when I got back to the office. gosh...

A big tong of Nasi Briyani. RM2.90 nasi briyani is considered quite cheap. But I did not buy...not into it that day.

Monday 7 September 2009

Earn from blogging - LinkfromBlog

I came across LinkfromBlog from one of the bloggers when I was dropping my entrecards. It catches my attention because the advertisers that I have registered with are not offering much paid posts that I desired. I quickly registered with LinkfromBlog and the approval came almost immediately. It has always been my dream to be able to earn money by just writing blog reviews at the convenience and comfort of my home.

One good thing about LinkfromBlog is they allow bloggers to add more than one blog under one account which not many affiliate programmes in the market would allow us blogger to do that. It allows us to have more chances to monetize our blogs and much easier management under one single LinkfromBlog account.

If you would like to find out more about LinkfromBlog, just click on the banner. Let's make money through LinkfromBlog together!

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Sunday 6 September 2009

Cake baking

I stopped my baking venture after many failed attempts to obtain the desired results couple with the many washing and cleaning up after that are also the contributory factors that had stopped me from baking. But I was in the mood to bake again recently, probably due to the persistent requests from my two little girls. They promised to help me out..yes they did help me on the preparation and decoration of the cake... not on the washing..:( They are still too little to do that for me..they will get themselves and the kitchen all wet..cause more work for me in the end.
Hands on the turning bowl..having fun..I had to stop them from doing's not toy girls.I picked this Nona Super Moist recipe from supermarket, just add in oil, butter and eggs.
Crystal insisted on dressing or decorating the is too much work for me to prepare the dressing so I let her use the white choco chips and pestels hearts.
This is what she did.
The texture is fine but a bit too sweet

Saturday 5 September 2009

Japanese Food is one of my favourite

Japanese cuisine like this one is hard to resist. It is one of my favourite. I used to prefer having lots of raw salmon to dip in wasabi and Japanese soy sauce, but after knowing the possibility of having blood parasite after taking too much of improper preparation and storage of raw fishes by restaurants, I refrain myself from eating too much now. More pictures of Japanese food here.

Thursday 3 September 2009

Pos Malaysia delivers moon cakes

Moon cake festival will be in a month time. Unlike previous years, I still can not see any moon cakes for sale in the shops this year. Is the economy really that bad??

I am glad that the company that I work for will not be selling any mooncakes this year. What a relief!! Or else we will be asked to sell mooncakes again...

We received a nice mooncake brochure which was sent to our office a couple of weeks ago. It says "Pos Malaysia delivers family bonding and friendships this mooncake festival". It is a very good and new idea that I came across. Having this service, sending mooncakes to someone near and far is so much convenient. There are four mooncake sellers to choose from, the brochure also include the different types of mooncakes and their prices from each seller. For more information, log on to