Saturday 26 September 2009

Been busy baking

Guess what I have been busy baking since last week. The idea started with wanting to bake a birthday cake for Pearl, but did not get the result that I wanted. Due to lack of confidence and time, my SIL was so kind to help me out to bake a birthday cake for Pearl to bring to the school, that really saved my day.

I have yet to try her recipe because I am lacking of the flour needed, however, I tried other sponge cake recipe, one was the premix recipe which I bought meant for Pearl's birthday, it turned out to be dry and not as spongy. I also tried the Japanese Cotton sponge cake recipe which turned out to be really good, probably because there are milk and butter in the ingredients.

I was also dare enough to try the cream puff and eclair recipe on monday and that I have a little problem with the baking time. It took much longer time that indicated in the recipe because I made the piped the dough too big thus needed long baking time.

Just the night before I baked a chiffon cake by using the chiffon cake premix which made the preparation process so much easier. Unfortunately, I fixed the chiffon baking pan wrongly that have allowed the batter to lick out from the bottom of the pan, and I accidentally touched the oven door and got a burn on my arm as well, silly me. Good thing was that the chiffon cake turned out to be fine but can be better. Next time I will try to mix the egg white separately rather than mixing everything together.

Last night, I tried the Japanese Cotton Sponge cake again due to popular requests by my family.

And today no cake baking, but puffing time. Chicken sausage puffs and cream of mushroom and chicken puffs by using the ready made puff pastry. So we had puffs for tea time this afternoon. I have posted the pictures and the recipe here.


  1. It looks very busy indeed.... :)

    Wish I have the time and a nice oven to do the baking.... and some gynie pigs to finish everything...

    Hope your arm is getting better.. it's usually very hard to get rid of the burn mark.... must be careful and wear those poffy gloves next time... :)

  2. Your chicken puffs look nice... Your husband and the girls are lucky!

  3. They look so delicious, good on you :-))...i have the intention to try out something simple for beginners like me..what cake would you suggest?

  4. Linda, my wound is getting better just hope it will not leave a mark on my arm, after the burn I used the gloves already.

    Susan, my mum asked for some more chicken puffs again. It must be nice :D

    Carolyn, I am a beginner as well, try some sponge cake or butter cake recipe, let me know the outcome...

  5. Thanks for the suggestion Agnes :-)

  6. Being a FTWM, where do you find the time to bake eh? Good on you. Your kids and hubby are very lucky!


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