Sunday 4 October 2009

Typhoon Parma

We experienced a very strong wind yesterday evening in Kota Kinabalu, with a lesser strength as compared to the recent tropical storm Ketsana that hit the Philippines last weekend.

The warning of the Typhoon Parma only reached us this afternoon via sms. Without any knowledge of the Typhoon Parma has already over, I reminded Clet to come home early just before he went off for his appointment. He came back at 9pm and told me that the visit of Typhoon Parma was yesterday, after checking on the internet, sure enough it's over and gone. Thank GOD, it did not do much harm to the people of Philippines and the countries nearby. Let's pray for better weather ahead.

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  1. Hi Agnes, glad to read the Typhoon no problems where you are.
    But I guess Indonesia not so lucky. Sad to read the loss of lives there.
    You keep well, best regards, Lee.


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