Tuesday 17 September 2019

Japanese Musk Melon

Ever wonder why Japanese Musk Melon is priced so high ? I was very curious and told my better half to buy one for us to try when he went to Labuan a couple of months ago.  Is it because of its taste, the nutritional content or scarcity in production which has made musk melon more superior than the other melons out there?

The display of Japanese Musk Melon at one of the Labuan supermarket.  My better half did not register the name of the supermarket. The hotel staff or the Grab driver should be able to tell which supermarket that is selling this melon in Labuan.

The good one (not over ripen ones) are sold at expensive price.  I was told that the shelve life of this melon can be up to 3 months.  They are imported from Brunei according to the sale person at the supermaket.

Looks like this melon is getting over ripe, still selling at RM55.00 per piece for size XL.

these are the cheaper ones where part of the melon is too ripe to be eaten.

My better half bought a just about ripe one so that we could enjoy it on the day it's brought back from Labuan.  

When I see this melon in the local market here, I thought it's musk melon.  It looks like musk melon but it's actually rock melon variety is Glamour .  Selling at RM10.00 per kg.  Taste similar to honeydew as well.

another variety of rock melon, smaller in size with yellow skin

Rock Melon variety Permai

After tasted the Japanese Musk Melon, I would say it is nice and taste and small like the honeydew.  It would be best to taste it yourselves to tell the difference from the other cheaper melons.