Friday 19 May 2023

Back to school again

Been away from blogging for the past weeks. Guess what I have been occupying with? I am back to school again at this time nearing to retirement age..

After resigning from my day job for just into the 4th month, I enrolled myself to a Diploma In Real Estate Agent course which I have to attend classes thru online, I am unable to attend physical classes as I am not residing in Selangor where the institute is situated. I have also registered to sit for the 6 papers exams in September this year. Is a daring endeavour but I will try my best to pass the exams and go to the next level. So for the past weeks, I have been busy attending to the pre-recorded lectures and find time to study the notes that the institutes provided to me and do a lot of catching up because I would like to fast track my course duration.

Will find time to blog whenever I can.