Sunday 6 September 2009

Cake baking

I stopped my baking venture after many failed attempts to obtain the desired results couple with the many washing and cleaning up after that are also the contributory factors that had stopped me from baking. But I was in the mood to bake again recently, probably due to the persistent requests from my two little girls. They promised to help me out..yes they did help me on the preparation and decoration of the cake... not on the washing..:( They are still too little to do that for me..they will get themselves and the kitchen all wet..cause more work for me in the end.
Hands on the turning bowl..having fun..I had to stop them from doing's not toy girls.I picked this Nona Super Moist recipe from supermarket, just add in oil, butter and eggs.
Crystal insisted on dressing or decorating the is too much work for me to prepare the dressing so I let her use the white choco chips and pestels hearts.
This is what she did.
The texture is fine but a bit too sweet


  1. baking is fun fun fun... :)
    washing up is less fun.... :(

  2. Soo cute!!! Oww... I wish I have a girl to help me... ^_^... but not bad.. my little boy is helping too..

  3. They are both at the 'good helper' age. lol.

  4. Hahaha you too got a helper at home to help decorating the cakes. Its fun right for the kids.


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