Wednesday 16 September 2009

Get paid to read emails

Would you like the idea of getting paid just by reading emails? It is too good to be true. At first I thought it is just another spam. After checking through their website, I am happy to announce that it's a 100% free and legitimate program.

It has more than 150,000 members now and it is the largest Paid To Read Email Program in Asia. Point will be credited into your account each time you read an email they send to your email. The points will then be converted into Singapore dollar and we can either withdraw our earnings via Paypal or cheque. It is a very good news to Malaysian as we will be earning double because of the exchange rate.

I have started to earn only after 3 days of joining the program. Check it out at You will like what you see!!


  1. Oh ok no harm trying kan hehe.., thanks Agnes

  2. Do they pay people for playing games? lol. That's my interest... :)

    I have problems checking all my emails, let alone reading more for extra income. Don't think I can do it.


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