Monday 6 March 2023

Philips Coffee Maker HD7431

My previous "kitchen" was only like a pantry, I can only place the most frequent use kitchen aids on the table. 

This Philips Coffee Maker has never been used, still in its original box for years. I took it out for good used since 3 months ago when there are more space in the renovated kitchen. I use local coffee powder from Yit Foh Tenom Coffee, more economical and thick. Sometimes I place a coffee bag inside its jug and boil water in the reservoir to make my coffee. This coffee machine has got keep warm feature which allows me to have warm coffee throughout the day. 

I will use this coffee maker until I have got the budget to buy a capsule coffee machine.


  1. I think this coffee maker is better than those capsule coffee machine because the capsules expiry dates are not as long as coffee powder

    1. ya true but coffee drinkers will run out of capsules very fast..


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