Saturday 4 March 2023

Company 2021 Christmas & year end lunch gathering

This is a very very late post.

It was on 9th December 2021 we had a company's Christmas & Year End Lunch gathering at The Palace Hotel Kota Kinabalu.  We were served with a 4-course Western Set Lunch. 

For the starter, I chose the Prawn, Avocado Salsa with Meslun Leaves & Sesame Seed Vinaigrette

Soup : Cream of cauliflower with olive oil drizzle & garlic bread

Main course : Chicken Wellington served with potato au gratin, creamed spinach sauteed vegetables

Dessert : Chocolate Mouse Cake with Strawberry compote

We have Christmas gift exchange after lunch.

A nice pastel blue handbag was in the gift bag from a colleague who had picked my name, a secret Santarina.


  1. The handbag looks very nice. What did you buy as the Christmas gift when you are the secret Santa?

    1. I bought an assortments of tea & coffee for my colleague who likes to drink hot beverages in her every meals.

  2. I prefer meals like what you had instead of those 10 or 8 courses dinner that companies do for CNY. I would choose the prawn and avocado dish as starter too. So delicious the whole 4 course meal. What about for 2022?

    1. for 2022, we had ala-carte lunch at a shopping complex restaurant, I much prefer the 4-course lunch in comparison.


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