Tuesday 8 December 2015

Singer Sewing Machine

My Singer machine that I bought about 2 years back has been under utilised.  It is collecting dust all this while.  After much comments from my better half of my abandoned machine, I moved it to my table now trying to use it..most of the time I am doing some alterations and sewing up our own clothing which the threads are falling apart.

I have been busy re exploring the functions of the presser foots that came together with the machine when I bought it.  That's what keeping me busy and less time to update my blog.  I am also learning through visual on how to make bags...hope I can start the project soon.

this is my Singer sewing machine, nicely covered 

and when it uncovered it is look like this.. 

These are the presser foots which I am trying to learn how to use them.
Even Feed Foot / Walking Foot

Button hole presser foot

Overedge Foot

zipper foot 

Satin presser foot

Blind Hem Foot


  1. Hi Agnes, you have a very nice sewing machine with many functions. I had one years ago but I gave it up when I took over my mom in law's old fashioned sewing machine. That is the only item left behind by her and we chose to keep hers. It can only sew straight stitches. Looking forward to more posting on your new projects.

  2. I am no sewing expert. Haha. It is good that you start to use it. Good luck in your bag project.

  3. Good good keep at it. :) Looks too complicated to me hehe.

  4. oh cool.. i actually want to learn how to use that kind of sewing machine.. i want to learn how to make clothes and costumes too


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