Wednesday 10 March 2010

Tuesday Toot on Chinese New Year Cake

It's been quite a while since the last post that I wrote on Tuesday Toot.

Though Chinese New Year is over but I just wanna post a Toot for myself for a Chinese New Year cake that I made on the 13th day of Chinese New Year.

I made this cake especially for a pot luck gathering with my ex-colleagues (Innosabah). I did not make any fortune by trying my luck in the stock market then (in fact I lose money) but I have gained friendships from the company that I spent almost 10 of my youthful years. Most of us no longer working there, we have parted to our own avenues separately, only got to contact each other through face book and msn, I am glad Vivien made an afford to invite us to her house for this pot luck gathering where we got to catch up with each other, eat and drink no stop for the whole afternoon, of course with some gossips..:D;

One of our friend, Jenny, couldn't join us instead she made a long distance call (using skype) from England just to "join in" the fun...*v*

Hope I could house the gathering at my house next time..:D

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