Monday 29 December 2008

Before Christmas !!!

Our Christmas presents were all readily wrapped up well before Christmas this year unlike previous years we have to stayed up late to wrap them all up on the eve of Christmas. This year we have Crytal to help us to do the wrapping, she enjoyed doing it and I told her that she will have to do wrapping for us next year.

My Little helping hands. She is doing a good job despite having a little hard time handling the cellotape.
I continued with the wrapping at night while Crystal was asleep. Pearl joined me this time instead of helping she was having fun with my marker pen and xmas wrapping paper, well I let her be as this is the only way to keep her occupied so that I can finish my task before our trip to Kundasang on Christmas Eve.

Ta's all the Christmas presents for the family from us. There were 50 Christmas presents altogether this year, and the numbers keep growing with newborn each year.

All of them were placed under the Christmas Tree.

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