Thursday 4 June 2015

There goes my pot

I blogged  about  it  when I first used it which was new from the box (here).  

I planned to boil a pot of herbal soup last weekend using this little cute pot.  It was just after the water is boiled in the pot, I heard and saw water flowing out from my stove and wet the floor, then I realized the bottom of the pot has cracked beyond repair.
I couldn't carry the pot away from the stove as it was still burning hot.  The pot of soup thus drained dry leaving the herbs.  

I took the box & read again.  It clearly said can be directly cook from gas stove & durable.  I was very disappointed with it, off the pin it went.  


  1. Oh gosh!! Usually those ceramic pots are very durable. Never mind, time to buy a new one! :)

  2. The pot does looks cute. What a disappointment that it was not as heat resistant as claimed to be.


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