Friday 25 July 2008

New Blogger

I am very delighted to have my childhood best friend, Susan, to join in the blogsphere recently, a big welcome my dear friend, she named her blog as Find Us In New York. Yes they are now residing in the US which I hope we get to visit her and her hubby, Richard, in the near future.
I only got to know this when I opened my email today, she has sent me an email on 12 July 2008 searching high & low for me as she couldn't get through my blog eversince I changed my blog address. I did not know she have been my blog frequent viewer and after reading mine she was inspired to start one of her own too, I am so touched with that I can't help but to blog about this :)
By visiting her blog, I feel as if we are very much closer to each other again though she is at the other side of the earth.

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