Tuesday 1 July 2008

Our Saturday

Clet went for a seminar from 9.00am till 4.00pm on last Saturday so we stayed at home for the whole day.  Crystal woked up as early as the daddy and started her computer game.  When I caught in front of the computer with her game, she said daddy allowed me to play, oh yah..ok lah..so I proceeded to do my laundry while Pearl still asleep.  I only got to realised that Clet forgot to bring down a packet of salt that I asked him to buy yesterday when I was trying to cook the girls' favourite mee soup.  I ended up changing the flavour by using Maggi seasoning from Maggi Mee packets that I have been keeping, I knew we are going to need them somedays.

The girls are enjoying their mee soup that I cooked for breakfast

After watching so much Barney's VCD on making pizza, Crystal requested me to make a pizza by following the Barney's recipe, she even played the VCD and asked me to jot down the recipe without knowing that the recipe were for show only.  I am not ready to make a pizza even with a full recipe in front of me, that's a lot of work to make one.  She was not happy.  While hanging around at the kitchen she found a packet of jelly powder and she wanted jelly. That is much easier, so together we made some jellies and she is happy again.

Jellies in the mould waiting to be put in the fridge

 After that, the girls watched a few of their favourite VCDs, chasing around in the house while I was doing some cleaning up.  It's time for lunch, I had got helping hands to prepare lunch, Pearl went for her peanut butter and Crystal prefered cheese sandwiches.

Beside sandwiches, Crystal and I had spiral bolognese, Pearl did not like it at all; she was not ready for it.

Jelly was ready after half an hour or so after our lunch.  The girls were eagerly waiting for their jellies.  They tried and did not fancy them probably because they are not as sweet and as nice as those from the shop ones.  The daddy and I ended up eating most of them. 

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