Sunday 20 July 2008

Bazaar at the church

The traffic was heavier than usual at the church this morning as there was a bazaar there for fund raising purposes. Besides selling food stuff every sunday where we usually have our breakfast, they also put up tables selling used cds, vcds, used clothings and shoes, kitchen wares, furniture, decoration items and so on. After having our breakfast, we walked around to see what being sold from stall to stall.

This stainless steel burner stand was donated by us some time in early 2007 after we decided to cease our cafe business. We are glad that it is being utilised by the women's league of the church for fund raising purposes most of the time.

Banana fritters (pisang goreng), Clet's favourite.

The girls picking their choices from the used soft toys basket

The girls stopped to try on the furniture and Crystal likes the small size seater

They started to play with the soft toys on the way home. Some more soft toys added on to the many that they have at home. I told them that they can also sell their toys for charity purposes after they have grown up.

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