Friday 4 July 2008

Thank God is Friday

I am into my fourth day of work in my new job, and thank GOD is Friday! I am still trying to adjust myself as a working mum after one and half year break. Feeling a bit tired today after waking up as early as 6am every morning making sure things are ready at home before going to work, really need sometime to adjust to this new routine from now on.
Pearl is particularly cranky this morning, and wanted me to take on the wheel so that I can be near her instead of the daddy, probably she has noticed the changes of not having mummy around at home nowadays. I'd tried to explain to her that mummy has to go to work, and she said, "No, Daddy go to work". At the age of less than three, she has already showing her choleric personality. We noticed that she has a mixture of Choleric and Sanguine personality style. whereas Crystal, she is a real Phlegmatic and Sanguine person. Much of the Phlegmatic style are from me I suppose :). The Choleric and Sanguine style in pearl are definitely from the Daddy. ::D
Oh oh lunch time is over!!

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