Wednesday 16 July 2008

A stroll at the beach

It is much convenient for us to get to the beach nowadays since my workplace is in Tanjung Aru. We have been dropping by the beach for a stroll for three days in a row after work. The favourite spot for the girls would be the KGC's playground, another place would be the swimming pool, they have not been allowed to play in the pool so far as we are not ready to let them yet, they have been nagging and nagging and nagging...every time we go there..
It is a good idea to sweat out a bit just by strolling at the beach and feel the sea breeze after a long day work. The girls like to run around every way they go and it's a good place to let them loose and run, we are amazed that Pearl has got a good stamina, she can really runs.
The girls' favourite
Playing with the sand before strolling, kind of warming up for them.
Here they are running to the Daddy
Have a stroll with the mummy. We did it for a few rounds and Pearl still said, again.
till the moon comes out
and the sun goes down

A few more slides before going home, if not tidak puas hati

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