Tuesday 23 July 2013

Children's Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the most common vitamin that parents give to their child as daily health supplement.  I always made available Vitamin C for my girls and remind them to take their vitamin whenever I remember.  As you can see my girls do not take Vitamin C consistently on a daily basis because I always forget.  They help themselves with only the Spirulina.

My girl caught a flu and cough these few days.  Kids do have their preference on the taste of the Vitamin C they consume.  My girl complains that the taste is too sweet for the existing brand that I have bought and it's almost finished.  In order to replenish it and get her to consume more Vitamin C during her unwell period,  I bought the over the counter Kordel's brand Vitamin C-250 this time.  The packaging is very nice & cute.  I have tried one tablet,  the tablet size is a bit big but taste just nice, neither too sweet nor sourly.
 The packaging with a Mickey
There is a 1 Bonus Point cutout on the box, I do not know what's that for, will need to find out before I throw the box away.  Probably need to collect them and redeem something.

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